Author Topic: 游戏id QQ27216822 玩这款游戏的体验总结,中国玩家。  (Read 594 times)


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游戏id   QQ27216822   玩这款游戏的体验总结

玩这款游戏五个来月了 。设计画面不错 。但是游戏粘性 。依赖性差。
比如成功的几款游戏.暗黑破坏神。完美的武器系统,每次都能打出新的装备 。每次属性提升都很高兴 。CryoFall 。本游戏主要看挖矿 。点科技 。合成。武器属性也是固定的 。
魔兽世界 。比较吸引人的是 。任务剧情 。装备 。打副本 。追求等级,装备的提升和熟练的炒作手法 。CryoFall。本游戏主要靠收集物资 。T5科技之后 。物资消耗非常大 。都是机甲大战 。一旦家被抄 。心态差的就不想玩了。现代人都比较懒 。收集一两天的物资 。打团战一两个小时就消耗光了 。科技都可以出机甲 。大机器人 。缺没有自动化工厂 。没有自动化科技 。不能自动收集铜铁重要资源 。建议下个本吧更新铜铁资源点 。可以自动挖矿 。自动采集资源 。
所以像DOTA这样的快节奏游戏 。不用收集物资 。不用资源管理,直接打架的游戏比较火 。个人主义 。现实当中,特种兵可以一个人打数个人 。也是符合逻辑的 。还有不同职业 。医疗兵 。工兵 。飞行员 。等等比如魔兽争霸中的英雄单位 。法师 。等单位 。CryoFall主要靠干物资 。看科技 。T3   。T4 。使用什么枪,
希望CryoFall游戏能够学习成功游戏的优点 。变得越来越有趣。还有建议PVP 25人团队服务器 。20天 。15天一更新 。游戏资源 。铜铁,石头 。粘土两倍 。硫磺 。硝酸资源不变 。经验三倍
Game id QQ27216822 Summary of the experience of playing this game

Played this game for five months. The design picture is good. But the game is sticky. Poor dependence.
For example, several successful games. Diablo. Perfect weapon system, new equipment can be played every time. I am very happy every time the attributes are improved. CryoFall. This game mainly depends on mining. Point of technology. synthesis. Weapon attributes are also fixed.
World of Warcraft . The more attractive is. Mission plot. Equipment. Play a copy . Pursue level, equipment upgrades and skilled hype techniques. CryoFall. This game mainly depends on collecting materials. After T5 technology. The material consumption is very large. It's all mecha wars. Once the home is copied. Those with a bad mentality don't want to play. Modern people are relatively lazy. Collect supplies for a day or two. One or two hours of teamfighting is exhausted. Technology can produce mecha. Big robot. There is no automated factory. No automation technology. Important resources of copper and iron cannot be collected automatically. It is recommended to update the copper and iron resource points in the next book. Can automatically mine. Automatic collection of resources.
So fast-paced games like DOTA. No need to collect materials. There is no need for resource management, and direct fighting games are more popular. Individualism. In reality, special forces can fight several people by one person. It is also logical. There are also different professions. Medical soldiers. Engineers. Pilot. And so on, such as the hero unit in Warcraft. Master And other units. CryoFall mainly relies on dry materials. Look at technology. T3. T4. What gun to use,
Hope that CryoFall game can learn the advantages of successful games. It becomes more and more interesting. There is also a PVP 25-person team server recommended. 20 days . Update every 15 days. Game resources. Copper iron, stone. Clay twice. Sulfur. The nitric acid resource remains unchanged. Triple experience