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Solo factions
« on: April 08, 2021, 08:09:19 am »

If possible to add some changes to faction system to make it more about shared goals and not individual goals would improve game, in my opinion, for example, having a individual "faction" and a ranking faction or "alliance", this would allow players to have their own banner and still be part of a faction that is competitive for rankings. If not explaining it well the knights of the round table can be used as reference, each knight had its own "banner" but they all were part of a "faction" with shared goals, this allowed them independent land and armies then join others to to achieve goals beyond individual ability. There are few games with another system that's a fixed placement of players into balanced groups, represented by starting location, like boreal versus temperate versus tropical for example or could also be linked to new character "story" system, with "solo" banners and such, players would then, if chose to join ranking, be placed in a auto balanced "faction" system that would allow for a challenging and competitive rankings,