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« on: August 14, 2014, 09:11:43 pm »
What i forgot to post as bugs so far:
Game version: 0.9.5
Game mode:
Bug Location:Sp/mp
Steps to Reproduce:
Reproduction Rate: spawn asteroids for ResQ. Restart server for refill/load game
Bug Description:
in CSGen.js when asteroids are created in systems there is a variable ResQ which is i guess intended to define resources in asteroid defined as percentage from normal 1= 100% 1.2=120% from normal. When you change ResQ all asteroods will still be spawned with 100% from asteroid content table.

the script for creation itself where resq is used is not modable so i cant take a look inside.

also when an asteroid is depleted and you reload the savegame or restat the server they are refilled. at first i planned for mp versions to spawn a new asteroid and remove old one from game when one is depleted. so that only in sp systems can be totally depleted. but right now its not needed as they get refilled