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I have recently change internet providers, with this came a new router, My Seperate computer runs a game, before the switch i had to change the port forwarding settings. I have tried that again but my server shows on the server list but it is not available I just have the three dots for ping , players, & wiped.... the server is playable on the LAN heading where it shows up. the Community server list it is not darkened but it is below the darkened servers, the note  shows the server is not accessible.

Have you tried accessing it from another PC? The one outside your local network.
Connecting to the game server hosted on the same PC over internet sometimes doesn't work (depends on the router, some will not allow loopback connections). But other players over internet should be able to access it (assuming port forwarding rule is properly configured and applied; router reboot is often required to apply the changes).


I have not tried to access the game from a computer not on my network. Also, with the new router I am not positive I have done the port forward properly. Is it always port 6000? I input the LAN Ip address and input 6000 in the internal (LAN) End and 6000 into the Internal(LAN) End port. when I input 6000 into the Exteranl (WAN) start port and 6000 into the external (WAN) End port . I change the protocol to UDP . I get an error tha tthe Starting Exteranl port is invalid.

This is an odd error. Please check the router/modem manual.
Both the internal and external ports should be 6000 (UDP) by default and point to your local IP address. You can change the port used by the game server by editing SettingsServer.xml file to try a different one but it must be always the same for internal and external ports configured in the port forwarding rule.
Even if the rule is configured properly it is unlikely that you will be able to connect to your server from the client running on the same PC via community servers list. You need to ask someone from outside your local network to attempt the connection.


I changed the forwarded ports to start 6000 and end 6100 and both (LAN & WAN) worked in the router without errors. however this did not help the server problem. the serer shows in at the bottom of the list after the darkened servers, with a couple oteher servers that are lit up but unaccessable.


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