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UV mapping Unwrapping in Blender Issues? In need of help



I am trying to correctly UVmap the Station Interior in Blender. The problem is that Void Expanse at it's highest graphics is awesome but NOT my UV mapping as blender is doing things wrong. This is still a question that is for Void Expanse importing .obj models.

I am doing the SEAMS of the objects separately and THEN using SmartUVMapping and THEN use CTRL-J to join/fusion all objects... At that point, I press Tab to go in EDIT mode and the UV mapping is all wrong. Alternative is if I use UNWRAP in Edit Mode on the fusioned Model, the UV mappings are on TOP of each other which doesnt work either.

I gotta work on this tonight in order to release the station Interior MOD tomorrow. If anyone has ANY ideas of another free program or how to perfectly do UV mapping in Blender with COMPLEX objects of 9000 vertex++, please help.

thank you,

EDIT: Nevermind... I might have found the solution. It seems that I hadn't correctly done the seams on the Mining station. I did also activate the "Magic UV" pluggin... Dunno if that helped.

Oh and I might need help on correctly UV mapping dif_1021 and norm_1024 and spec_1024 and Ilum_1024. I don't even know what they mean or how they are created. Im gonna work on that tonight. I need the models to look sharp for tomorrow.

What I mean is are they able to be done in Blender and how... like pointing me to a good tutorial.

EDIT: Nevermind ;) found some good stuff on Youtube.

:-) good to know you've found all the solutions yourself!


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