VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.9

Started by Lurler, April 04, 2014, 11:09:14 PM


Original post: https://atomictorch.com/Post/Id52

So, here it is! Our first update to VoidExpanse (v0.7.9). It mostly addresses all the issues that were encountered by the players after the initial release. It should make the game much more stable now. Additionally we implemented several small features requested on the forums. But let's get into details!

* Your ship no longer stops when your open the map.
* Help screen when you start a new game (or press F1).
* Changes to world generation. You will see systems with anomalies more ofter.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed inability to control your ship in multiplayer.
* Fixed a crash when entering space station in multiplayer.
* Fixed bug with textures in main menu.
* Fixed issues with startup of the game on some systems.
* Fixed crash with inventory and other menus.
* Fixed problem with offline mode and master server.
* Fixed problems with saving and loading the game.
* A whole lot of other smaller fixes!

Guide on how to update the game - here (http://wiki.atomictorch.com/VoidExpanse/updating_the_game).