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Modding info / How to make item unavaible in shop
July 20, 2017, 09:48:33 AM
I made new ore type with intention that it never be avaible to sell in station. I thought i done it good, but i saw it in one of capitals. Bellow is code for that ore, what im doing wrong?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<title>Questite ore</title>
<description>Rare ore found in some asteroids. It has no practical use, but some collectors want it pretty badly.</description>





<!-- none -->

<!-- none -->

<!-- none -->

Servers / Suggested (minimal) hardware for server
July 20, 2017, 07:28:11 AM
Hey i want to start server for me and friends (and for anyone who wants to join). I want put it on dedicated server, but want to figure out first how hardware it should have - i just don't want to pay to much for server that will waste it hardware potential. Let say it will be 100 stars big, and max 10 players.
Game discussion / Future development of VoidExpanse
July 18, 2017, 02:08:46 AM
I just want to ask if there are any plans to futher develop this game? Another dlc, patches?
Modding info / Item/skill icon
July 17, 2017, 07:27:43 PM
Where i can find pattern/empty icon? I want to make new icons for implemented skills and i wish to make them possible similar to vanilia icons.
Modding info / Wiki modding section
July 17, 2017, 11:43:41 AM
Post here any information that could be placed in mod section on wiki page :)

shield_charge_percent is missing in
Modding info / Adding new skill tab
July 17, 2017, 06:43:30 AM
Is there a way to add new skill category? I found way to make more shop categories, but so far i not found way to create new skills tab.
Modding info / Adding to effect group
July 17, 2017, 01:43:16 AM
I'm adding new effect to effects group (let say industry_exp to effect_definitions_industry.xml). I copied file to mod, and just added another entry and it is working smoothly. BUT! Is there a way to add just entry to effect group without coping whole file (and overriding it)? Something like push to array, not creating whole with new elements. I'm asking it for sake of compatibility with other mods, if they will also modify this file, there will be a problem :C And i don't want to create new, mod specific file (it would display badly on pilot profile).
Mods / [WIP] AbyssExpansion
July 16, 2017, 12:20:07 PM
Mod Info
Title: AbyssExpansion
Mod version: alpha 0.0.3
Game version: 2.0.3
Game mode: singleplayer/multiplayer

Description: This mod is supposed to expand upon basic game, adding more skill/items variety (in future maybe some quests). All changes are balanced around basic game so no OP items or skills. Im planing to add some hi-tech, end-game items that will be better than actual, but: 1) they will not be MUCH better, only a little 2) they will require lot power and high specific skills 3) they will cost lot of money AND science points. I will also try to integrate some other mods (especially if they are discontinued) if they authors wouldn't mind.

Author: Acuru

WARNING: it is WIP, and some content could not work properly or need re-balance. It won't crash your game, but don't use it if it is your first playthrough (it can influence your gameexperience in way i don't want). Later iterations of this mod would not have this problem :)

Direct download:
Steam download: (soon)

As this mod uses contents of listed bellow mods, it is somewhat incompatible with them. It will work, but u will get duplicated items, sometimes with changed names or slightly diffrent statistics (i re-balanced some of items). This mod not use all content of this mods (i decided that some of them not fit to game so i not included them).

  • Levelers Tech
  • Cargo Pod Pack

Game Changes

Class System Rework

Core game class system feels... not important. You just get diffrent skills sets and this is all. Not anymore.

Character start now without allocated skills points (purchased skills, expect for laser qualification and firgate piloting). Instead u get special class specific skill, that grants unique bonuses. Other classes can't get those. You also have 25 skill points to allocate.

On level 60 you can upgrade your class, and get even better bonuses to class specific attributes (in futher I'm planing to add multiple upgrade path's to each class).

Special: Demolitionist start with modifited shuttle that have missle hardpoint instead of guns.

Vanila Skills changes

  • Trader skill cap decreased from 5 to 3 (You can now max trade margin only if you chose trader class)
  • Electronics and  Engineering skill cap increased from 5 to 7 (Some new end-game items require 7-th level of this skills [NOT IMPLEMENTED YET])
  • Optimalized prduction skill cap reduced from 5 to 3 (it is shifted to industrialist class).
  • Optimized resource use cost increased to 10 and Optimalized prduction cost increased to 7 (with new manufacturing options this skills are more vailable).)
  • Manufacturing optimization affects now only ore cost, not all manufacturing cost)
  • Optimized components use reduces component consumption in manufacturing.)
  • Shield frequency switching bonus decreased to 10 from 15 (maxed only with electronics class)
  • Shield configuration tuning shield reestablishment bonus changed to 2 from 3 (shifted to electronics class))
  • Light direct weapons skill cost changed to 10 from 0 (some classes don't have this skill on start now, so it can't be free).

New Skills

  • Radar managment: icreasing overal radar parametrs
  • Long range scaning: increases radar range
  • Manufacturing consumables allows to manufacture consumable items (see Manufacturing changes)
  • Optimized components use decreases nomponent used in manufacturing processes
  • Factory worker [!not working yet] ncreases experience gained from manufacturing
  • "I can handle this" increasing maximum amount of active quests.
  • Miner devices management skill that decreases mining devices energy consumption.


  • (shield) Civilian powerplating civilian version of power plating, for those who want to use armor early on.
  • (booster) Cargo Pod mk1/mk2 increases cargo space in exchange for speed and manuvreability.
  • (booster) Ammo Container mk1/mk2 increases balistic weapons ammo capacity in exchange for cargo space.
  • (booster) Missiles Rack mk1/mk2 increases missiles ammo capacity in exchange for cargo space.
  • (booster) Auxiliary generator mk1/mk2 - additional small generators that is installed in boosters slots. Adds to main generator.
  • (enggine) Ergreks combat thrusters, Ergreks cruise engine system hi-tech engines, obtainable for 750 science points from scientists. They require engineering 6.
  • (hull) Prospector - modified Asteria ship hull that gives bonuses to mining. Can be bought in 40+ tech shops but in future will be obtainable only by quest.


Option to manufacture consumables. They require components to made (instead of raw ore). Cost in components are higher than cost of consumables, so u propably can't make money on it (maybe if u find really good offer on them), but now mass produce it - possible even sell on multiplayer servers to other players.

Futher plans: I'm planing to add way to modify ships hulls - i.e. change laser mount to rocket, make more mark 2 versions of ships and etc. Same with weapons and other modules. Station manufacturing center propably will be leveled, and u will need high level MC for doing more complicated things (upgradable with money). Also option to install MC on stations without it.

Added option to manufacture 20, 50 and 100 units at once.


Ore mining quest changed. Now it will spawn new asteroid containing questite ore (new ore type), it can be obtained only from there (it is not selled on any station, and they will consume it pretty quick if selled to them). Now you really need to do some mining instead of just buying required amount from station. Also quantity and reward are not fixed now. [TODO: make that quantity is dependent on skills or level]


  • Added quest option to skip tutorial quest sequence (with Joe) . You will get full reward for skipped missions.
  • Removed option to clear skill memory - it would conflict with new class skills, and some other skills (in future i will try to make some workaround, but for now, just chose wisely)

Aditional info
I'm not native engish speaker so if u spoot grammar error's i would be glad to correct them :)
Modding info / Adding custom effect
July 15, 2017, 05:39:13 PM
I want to add custom effect to skill, and then use it like variable in script but i don't see how. I searched core.pkt but not find answer there.

Particularly I'm trying to make skill that will increase amount of skill points earned each level. I managed to change this value manually to fixed amount, but i want it to be dynamically. For example if u got skill to level 1 u will get 11 points every level up instead of 10.

Or make another manufacture skill that will enable aditional manufacturing options.
Modding info / Can't create working .mpk file
July 15, 2017, 02:11:50 PM
I have problem with creating working .mpk file.

What i understand i need to do is pack mod file to .zip and then rename it to .mpk. But im getting error: "Error loading mod from [path]".

I tried to unpack working mod, and then pack it without doing any changes in files, but im still getinng this error. I was using 7-zip and winrar to pack into zip. Any idea what is wrong?

My system: 64-bit Windows 10 Pro

Edit: Ok i found problem, and solved it :D So nvm.