Modding prerequisites (Visual Studio 2022)

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You can develop mods by using Client or Server, but we suggest to use CryoFall Editor as it including both Client and Server in a single executable (and some other awesome developer features as well)!
If you own the game on Steam you can download CryoFall Editor from Steam.
(If you have an account and own the game you can acquire the Steam key from My Games and Items page and then activate it in Steam and follow the link above to install CryoFall Editor from Steam)

  • Install Visual Studio 2019 (any edition, including free Community edition). Enable .NET desktop development, but before continuing installation, please ensure that you've checked ".NET Framework 4.7.2 targeting pack".
  • If you already have VS2019 installed, please launch Visual Studio Installer -> Modify -> Individual componentsΓÇöand ensure that ".NET Framework 4.7.2 targeting pack" is checked and installed.
  • Download and install CryoFall Modding SDK extension
  • Extract <game folder>/Core/Core.cpk archive file - you can do this by executing a CMD script located in the same folder. If you prefer to extract it manually (it's a simple Zip archive), please delete the original file after extraction and rename the extracted folder to "Core.cpk".

After that, you can open the game solution file with VS2019. It's located in <game folder>/Core/Core.cpk/.

A few important notes:

  • The CryoFall custom game engine (called Renkei) supports live reloading of C# & XAML code (as well as all the visual and audio assets) so it's not necessary to restart the game to observe the changes! Though if you feel necessary to force reload everything immediately you can press Ctrl+F5 shortcut.
  • XAML Designer is not supported (though it can work fine in most cases) and it's recommended to disable it (Visual Studio Options, XAML designer, uncheck "Enable XAML Designer").
  • If you want to debug your code with breakpoints, please go to Visual Studio Options, Debugging, uncheck "Require source files to exactly match the original version" (because the game includes C# compiler which performs some code-generation and so resulting C# files do not match the original C# files - but it's not a problem for step-by-step debugging as the C# code lines kept intact).

If you're intending to make just a customized game server (custom rates, etc) and don't want to produce any mods, please follow this guide (scroll to end).

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The guide has been updated for VS2022. Enjoy!