Dear developers and managers

Started by Harvest, July 05, 2021, 09:50:39 AM


Dear developers and managers:
In CHina PVE3 server have two game players creamcake and ginhahah publicly attack and issue insulting words in the game.They have seriously affected the game environment and game experience, causing many players to quit the game

Here is some evidence

they ID is im1816 pangpangyyds


Dear developers and administrators, I am a player of PVE3 in China. Nowadays, players often send insulting words in public chats, and sliding the screen causes the loss of many new players. In my opinion, PVE should be peaceful and mutually helpful, at least polite
ID pangpangyyds and ID im1816 have insulted other players many times. Many newcomers don't know how to make a complaint, so they can only use the words written on the board to refute them. It is hoped that the administrator management can pay attention to the abuse incident and severely punish players with ID pangpangyyds and ID im1816.
DonΓÇÖt let him cause the loss of players, donΓÇÖt let him bring unpleasant gaming experience to other players

The following is what a player wrote on the board. Because ID pangpangyyds insulted him, the player has nowhere to complain and can only write on the board.



We're sorry to hear that some players are not polite and using offensive words on this official PvE server.

When using the in-game chat for the first time, the game displays a disclaimer, explaining that the in-game chat is not moderated so players are advised to stay cautious and use the Block/Report feature whenever they see an offensive message:

(just click on the offending messages in chat and select Block/Report)

Please note that it's not viable for us to moderate the chat on any of the official servers including official servers in ChinaΓÇöwe are a very tiny team focused on game development. Besides that, we don't speak Chinese and cannot investigate the reports to determine the truth and judge fairly.

Thank you for understanding. We hope you can spread the word on the server so everyone will just block the offending players and focus on the game itself to enjoy it. Offending players usually stop being toxic as soon as they notice that nobody reacts to their messages.



I am in server ΓÇ£Official China 3 PVE"
somebody build manywooden signs near my home
it made me can't walk
it's at F4-1195,696  very very many

I am a new player, and i don't know why.
why this player do it and made my game can't run normally