T31 review

Started by betocorp, November 21, 2021, 09:25:15 PM


Here I am again, 1st I would to thank Lurler/AI to listen us and remove faction limit as well several small little changes in-game and huge changes in combat that made a lot of old friends come back to play.

Now is the end of 3rd day, full T3 tech unlocks tomorrow, so the real game is starting!

Few comments:

we have now 9 full chests of ash, is possible to change stacks to 250?

Now that we have 4x more bullets, can you change the crafting time of armors/weapons? I spent ~4h each day semi-afk crafting armors/weapons but I can make 2 full big chests of ammo in minutes. May a new time to 35% for weapons / 70% for armor should be good.

rubber > I think that is still to easy to get, still an overshot from last change.
herbs > all are fine now
potion mushroom > they are the bottleneck to make potions, so a little increase will be great
water bulb > if increase potion mushroom, should increase this too.
bones/leather > we killed every moving life at the early game (sad that people don't give leather/bones), and now that we arent on shortage anymore, is useless. May need a boost.
poison > may a boost on pink mushroom recipe will help the north having more action.

I am still sad about the energy penalty when having several claims connected, I miss when was 5%

Some bugs/exploits already talked with AI.



Tomorrow is T4 weapons tech unlock.

Changes to pvp were good, we fought a lot.

>Pragmium is still boring. Few things uses it and only mass use is bombs (reactors are still useless if compared to solar panels)
>Solar panel costs changes were good, they are near to a good point.
>Leather, bones, poison went to zero to dozens of stacks. Those need some rework at the early game.
>Events are good, just due to keynite and xp. Some people liked the buff on hack one but I didn't noticed. But the keynite drop is still low, if you kill everything you will earn like 1 implant. May need to increase the # of event spots, to make more groups have access to implants. May need to make the blue mushroom drop keynite too.
>And the most important, again from 6months ago, oil cracker machines┬┤s completion time is half than refineries, it needs 2 slots to match production.