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Game discussion / Review overview of A26 test version
« on: April 19, 2020, 09:08:37 am »
Hi everybody!
Today I am writing an overview of my experience during the testing process of the A26 version, and may relate to some of the content already in the previous versions.
I am a player who always completes the entire technology tree at every wipe I participate in. Do all the work, manage all resources - that's how I can feel the balance of resources and react quickly to the imbalance of a certain resource.

I. Overview of food.

- I won't go too far into this section, making it easier to prepare food to support players with better results and more enjoyable experiences is a must and shouldn't be overly indecisive.
- Depending on the area the player is building the base , they will have their own reasons to choose the type of food to use. It is not necessary to find a way to create the best food source that I evaluate.
- Most people know that animal hunting provides us with a lot of LPs and food sources, animal products used in crafting, and extremely effective Mulch production. So there is no reason to say my dish needs too much meat or eggs to process

- The complexity of the food that I evaluate will depend on the amount of ingredients from the crops, if required from two crops that need Mulch to craft the seed, it will be too complicated. (Mulch needs a lot for food crops and Tabaco crops)

Group 1: Savory food

 includes foods that provide Learning points gain and Skills  experience gain (I will call it LP buff) , the duration of this group is very short - Sandwich (Requires 2 crops: wheat and tomato) is always the first choice for hunger and providing LP buff source (buff current effect 20%), The cost of making food is very convenient and easy to implement. Other cuisines are almost unsuitable because of their efficiency and complexity.
Many players have used cheese to get this LP Buff, but cheese is simply a spice of the dish, so the effect it gives is very little, it's just easier to preserve

Group 2: Hearty food

Includes the food that provides speed of work (I will call it SP buff), the buff time of this group is quite long, the processing cost is more complicated (It always requires materials from two crops that need Mulch to create seeds), but the effect it brings is really useful. The top recommendation for this food group is the Mushroom and Meat stew (Require spice and chili crops), which provides up to 60% more buff time and simpler manufacturing costs than other foods. Carbonara food (50% SP buff + 10% LP buff buff) is highly recommended when served with Sanwich but it requires both cheese and Weath from crops, and eggs are harder to find than meat. so I would choose the Mushroom and Meat stew.

PS/ There is a problem that arises here with this food group. This food does not support for lvl 20 woodcuting when using Steel Ax. It takes 6 maneuvers to chop any tree, and 5 maneuvers when using Streng Boost, whether or not you use this group food.

Group 3: Healthy food

 I did not mention because of the low effectiveness, I don't have much need with it!

Group 4: Alcohol
Which is probably the item most players only try to know, it only serves for PVP, but the drawback it brings too large in this situation is limited movement speed. It is similar to Supper Heavy armor, can only be used in PVE with Hoverboard, use it in PVP as a suicide action.

Group 5: canned food
- Food groups can be preserved freshness indefinitely
In recent versions have updated this food group. It hardly supports anything other than wasting resources to produce with the enormous LP required to learn it. The only reason I learned it was so I could make Energy Drink

PS/ My personal opinion for food groups 4 and 5 is that it is not searchable in ruins (or any where), players can only craft or buy from other players, which is the only reason to learn them. You need to use them to complete items in the collection list. (There's a dish in T3 cooking that requires the use of canned beans to make it. Please change accordingly)

Ideas and suggestions / Propose my ideas (for PVE sever)
« on: March 07, 2020, 02:51:16 pm »
I write this topic separately because its features are more suitable on PVE server

With the game context of survival, perhaps the challenge for players on the PVE server is quite small. I think of a challenge for players to make them have a little bit of fun.

weather element
     - It is not unreasonable for radiation clouds to occasionally appear. Players will be exposed to 10% radiation which causes them to lose HP (does not work with offline players) - masks and Hazmat suits will prevent this phenomenon. Food crops may be affected (a little) and require repair fees + repair tools to ensure productivity.
     - The rain: It helps plants automatically receive 10% of the time of the watering effect, players are in a state of moving 10% slower in the rain.
     - Thunderstorms appear: quite large areas appear and there are warnings for this phenomenon. it causes damage to several building blocks and mainly to buildings connected to electricity.

greenhouse buildings
     - A building that allows the protection of agricultural crops from unfavorable factors or can even be built in the desert

promote trade
     - The appearance of NPCs (probably aliens  ??? ) - They appear occasionally in any area for 10 minutes. Sell ​​some useful items at quite cheap prices but in limited quantities. inherently the game context is not earth and the appearance of aliens seems not unreasonable. This will promote monetary production and create commercial interaction
     - Trade chat channel: Chat channels allow the extraction of names and images of items. I take the example on my server - Offical Asia. There are many players from different countries but there is no guarantee that they can use Eng language well to communicate. Finding an item name and retype is also complicated. or more simply the ability to extract the item's name in the chat frame, capable of displaying small images
     - A truck: The transport capacity is similar to that of Manul and Skipper but move better and does not pay attention to small monsters. Restricted movement in certain areas - sometimes trade or relocation requires large quantities of items such as stone - clay - sand - ciment

Ideas and suggestions / Propose my ideas
« on: March 07, 2020, 01:23:31 pm »
Hello! It's been a long time since I came back to discover something new in the game

First of all, thank the board members and the founders of the game. You have worked very hard  to bring a great playground to everyone!

I would like to suggest a few ideas and feel of myself in the process of playing this game

   1. flag for war - I have consulted Sir Lurler's post, I am waiting for that and I think about a few issues that need attention
     - Setting a flag for war is decided by the group moderator, the solo player, the leader of the Faction System (cannot be done with allied potentials). War notification will take place within 12 - 24 hours after setup. The war lasts for at least 24 hours until the leader issues a peace proposal (war penalty - A separate archive for truce treaty items). Raid a facility can only be conducted when a war is in progress (to limit the player's raid to base no have people online, that inhibits and makes the player abandon the game a lot).
     - Can't add members during the war (or to solo player at war). Players have the right to leave the group or be banished (for spies detected).
     - Friendly fire 50% for members of the alliance.
     - PK does not depend on the war because of the basic nature of PVP

   2. collective activities
     - Army points: establish a reward system and allow the use of military points to request membership upgrades and exchange of leader-given items, like as vending machine functions (because Commercial features barely work on PVP servers). Collect army points from killer the opposition - damaging enemy structures and completing allied missions.
     - Party status: perhaps not necessary because there is no military medical system (buff heal), can consider if military medical system is launched.

   3. convey experience

     - Is it possible to set up a system using LP points as a commodity or reward item? for example, unlocking a function when a player gains the entire technology tree, allowing them to create books, there may be lots of players who complete their entire technology and get bored when continuing their daily work (named after the creator of it - a way to make them more proud of their accomplishments). The system may require 200 LP and some simple items to create books that provide 100 LP to other players
     - for the "Neural enhancer" item. There is a great absurdity when the requirements for the production of this item are too big but the efficiency is too low. It can be said that when I am rich enough to produce this item. maybe I have completed the whole tech tree and have plenty of LP

     4. Carbonara food
     - The complexity of the food is quite high, but the effective time makes me feel satisfactory. The food is ineffective with logging (specifically I used Stell axe + Streng boost + Carbonara food to harvest wood in the north - Woodcutting lvl 20) 5 operations are required to chop a tree whether or not to use Carbonara food. It is good with mining

   5. defense system
     - There should be a total switch for the entire defense system (Psionic field generator) set up in the claim, access rights for members who have access to the claim. Each member has the right to build up to 2 of these works, the penalty points for energy can be higher

Game discussion / Showing base near time wipe
« on: May 14, 2019, 08:26:42 am »

hi everryone! welcome visit ours base in Official Asia 1

Ideas and suggestions / Comment on the next big update
« on: May 11, 2019, 06:54:41 am »
I really had trouble finding information about Big Update. There are some things I have heard from my friends.

1. "chests are unlocked by default" - If this is true, then the reason for building Armored Safe for what? just need large crate only!

2. "bombs damage is restored + chests are unlocked by default" - It is ridiculous when both things are done... I think there is a need for luck when trying to gain resources from other players, you need have too many booms if you want gain all everything in all chest

3. there is less space to store items inside land claims - I support this idea

4. about doing the wipes periodically - I think the player need more time to capture the entire technology tree of the game. Not hard for me, but hard for verry more other player. And i need along time to build 1 small mall, no have too much time to look at your achievements ....!

5. Sry for my Eng! The translation maybe not be meaningful... (I try to limit the by basic words)

Ideas and suggestions / need consider the effect of boom?
« on: May 11, 2019, 05:41:39 am »
I do not use videos or images for this topic

when using and experiencing their effectiveness. I can see the effect of the primitive boom brings = 1/2 efect of C4.

but the production cost for C4 is even 6 times

It makes C4 and Resonance boom no longer of real value

Ideas and suggestions / Need more features for trade station
« on: May 11, 2019, 05:24:54 am »
When I founded a small shopping mall, I thought about selling cheap items because of their durability, it would be useful for newcomers to the game.

But I can't choose the same two products. Other about durability in the same commercial station

I want to price them differently because of their durability

I feel that I need to add this option for trade station

Sorry for my Eng!


and found it, his base no far :(

Just a fun topic, i once said don't raid active players. Only when they sabotage the playground of server

i make it for KARAc, but the number of players is really few.... Only pressure them to stop killing

maybe i'll use it when near time wipe

Bug reports / trade station wrong operation
« on: May 01, 2019, 10:49:09 pm »
I want to send a notice about the wrong operation of the Trade Station

I have encountered this problem from the trial version so far....

Incident occurs when buying items on the machine

the fist, i have 3860 penny coin in my trade station

I cannot make the purchase of a bulk item

The amount of money in the machine is able to meet. But it not work

when changing quantity and value

You may see that the device is working in the wrong way. that is not exponential.

I can still buy but only in small quantities, the amount is paid according to the value and quantity of the item

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