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Review overview of A26 test version
« on: April 19, 2020, 09:08:37 am »
Hi everybody!
Today I am writing an overview of my experience during the testing process of the A26 version, and may relate to some of the content already in the previous versions.
I am a player who always completes the entire technology tree at every wipe I participate in. Do all the work, manage all resources - that's how I can feel the balance of resources and react quickly to the imbalance of a certain resource.

I. Overview of food.

- I won't go too far into this section, making it easier to prepare food to support players with better results and more enjoyable experiences is a must and shouldn't be overly indecisive.
- Depending on the area the player is building the base , they will have their own reasons to choose the type of food to use. It is not necessary to find a way to create the best food source that I evaluate.
- Most people know that animal hunting provides us with a lot of LPs and food sources, animal products used in crafting, and extremely effective Mulch production. So there is no reason to say my dish needs too much meat or eggs to process

- The complexity of the food that I evaluate will depend on the amount of ingredients from the crops, if required from two crops that need Mulch to craft the seed, it will be too complicated. (Mulch needs a lot for food crops and Tabaco crops)

Group 1: Savory food

 includes foods that provide Learning points gain and Skills  experience gain (I will call it LP buff) , the duration of this group is very short - Sandwich (Requires 2 crops: wheat and tomato) is always the first choice for hunger and providing LP buff source (buff current effect 20%), The cost of making food is very convenient and easy to implement. Other cuisines are almost unsuitable because of their efficiency and complexity.
Many players have used cheese to get this LP Buff, but cheese is simply a spice of the dish, so the effect it gives is very little, it's just easier to preserve

Group 2: Hearty food

Includes the food that provides speed of work (I will call it SP buff), the buff time of this group is quite long, the processing cost is more complicated (It always requires materials from two crops that need Mulch to create seeds), but the effect it brings is really useful. The top recommendation for this food group is the Mushroom and Meat stew (Require spice and chili crops), which provides up to 60% more buff time and simpler manufacturing costs than other foods. Carbonara food (50% SP buff + 10% LP buff buff) is highly recommended when served with Sanwich but it requires both cheese and Weath from crops, and eggs are harder to find than meat. so I would choose the Mushroom and Meat stew.

PS/ There is a problem that arises here with this food group. This food does not support for lvl 20 woodcuting when using Steel Ax. It takes 6 maneuvers to chop any tree, and 5 maneuvers when using Streng Boost, whether or not you use this group food.

Group 3: Healthy food

 I did not mention because of the low effectiveness, I don't have much need with it!

Group 4: Alcohol
Which is probably the item most players only try to know, it only serves for PVP, but the drawback it brings too large in this situation is limited movement speed. It is similar to Supper Heavy armor, can only be used in PVE with Hoverboard, use it in PVP as a suicide action.

Group 5: canned food
- Food groups can be preserved freshness indefinitely
In recent versions have updated this food group. It hardly supports anything other than wasting resources to produce with the enormous LP required to learn it. The only reason I learned it was so I could make Energy Drink

PS/ My personal opinion for food groups 4 and 5 is that it is not searchable in ruins (or any where), players can only craft or buy from other players, which is the only reason to learn them. You need to use them to complete items in the collection list. (There's a dish in T3 cooking that requires the use of canned beans to make it. Please change accordingly)

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Re: Review overview of A26 test version
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2020, 11:11:22 am »
II. resource overview

- I will classify resources into two groups, regular resource group and strategic resource group

1. strategic resources - is an important resource group in crafting high technology products

- The resources I set and this section include: Lithium - Oil - Gold - Pragium - Mechnical Components - and products made by them (for example: High-Tech Components - Electronic components - Plastic ...)

Most high-end technology items and military equip will require originating from this resource group to be able to manufacture. competing for resources in this group is essential to the game (for PVP servers)
But with the constant demands of the players - the Dev team has tried to facilitate any individual who has the opportunity to own them to satisfy the need to experience the game (although you can exchange them with someone will help you improve the in-game trading system, but most players just want to experience how the game works and then quietly leave the game, which they can do on the PVE server, but they require to be on PVP server)  ???

Current with A26 test version. As a solo player I can have anything I want when I just need to run around the house without dealing with anyone (limited by areas like Rubber and Pragmium is required, but with the demand is not too difficult to exploit)

Important items are made from Lithium and Oil always considered and used appropriately. But for now, just need to make sure my electricity system is stable, I can have a huge strategic resource. This is really good for weak groups, but what for strong groups? It becomes even more insane when they are able to exploit it more thoroughly. with a lot of difficulties in the past, but I've ever made more than 140 C4 with the resources I can say I have exploited alone.

The only thing I was limited to making Bombs and ammunition was the Fiber source. I have never made fiber before from Oil and Industrial Chemistry. But right now I have no reason to run around picking up every fiber.

The game is losing competition, things are getting easier, the trading system is being pushed back

Return to Rate x1. The two resources in this group, Gold and Pragmium, are becoming disordered, their demand becomes extremely high when the other resources are stable.

New manufacturing formulas for Mechanical Components and High-Tech components have significantly improved these two items, although their use has increased slightly for technologies.

sum up with this resource group: Gold and Pragium are becoming deficient, to ensure the supply of electricity and the shortage of the two resources, players are gradually pushed to the north and the entrance to the desert or inside the desert (Although the demand for Salt increases when there is a lot of Lithium and Oil, the problem with Salt is not too complicated)

2. regular resource

- I put resources such as wood, stone, sand, iron, copper, Sulfu, Kno, fiber ... (resources that are frequently consumed and easily found) into this group.

The demand for this resource group is almost unchanged, it is only a little confused when return to Ratex1, must work harder to meet the consumption demand. It is difficult to balance the demand for resources in this group, when the strategic resources are increasingly redundant.

The two types of resources on this list are never enough to use: fiber and stone - Fiber was removed from the list when it could be made from Mineral Oil and Industry Chemiscal.

sum up with this resource group: Players will feel really tired of demand in consumption when the output is returned to Ratex1. The competition dropped sharply, the playing target almost became the PVE environment

PS/ Individual predictions about the situation that will take place with the PVP server: A series of Land Claims are spam everywhere for strategic resource exploitation. The strong group will bombed a range of areas with no idea what to do when there was no competition, bullets were less used - bombs were produced more because there were no strategic resources restrictions. with small groups, they just to be the target of entertainment for the raids

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Re: Review overview of A26 test version
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2020, 11:58:14 am »
III. New Events

- It's great that a bunch of Events come out. richer game to experience :)

1. Valuable Junk

the way it works in the moment it can be said is quite fitting. But some items that come from them cause imbalance in the game when new wipe. Quite crazy when the first day had owned equip T4 and hover board to run around and loot.

This event offers crazy items, it will help intensify competition for enthusiastic players to participate. But weak teams keep the competition rate relatively low. The stronger team gets stronger the faster. (If can't open Junk for 5 minutes when the event starts will make the team weaker and closer to it lose more opportunities.)

2. Meteorites

The event's offering seems quite poor to compete, the only concern is gold. but it doesn't provide much, it won't be worth moving if you are not sure to dig at least 2 Meteorites.
And with Rate x1, the amount of Gem that can be mined seems to be a major concern. Why not add any Gem when mining a block of Meteorites. Gem does not affect the game balance, but it is too scarce - It can make this event really valuable to compete.

3. Creatures migration

For this event, it is simply to complete the hunting item in the collection and provide some salt. Without really not need adding anything to it, it can be considered a pastime that doesn't need to be fiercely competitive :)

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Re: Review overview of A26 test version
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2020, 12:29:53 pm »
IV. Special events - Pragium Queen Boss

This seems to be a top concern in the upcoming A26 Version. And currently with the test version it is constantly being changed to ensure balance and efficiency  :)

- As of the present time when I take this review, I will evaluate the event against separate PVE and PVP servers

1. With PVE server

This event made Vehicle T4 technology meaningful for the first time. But with the most recent change in the patch it pushes Mech back to decoration.
the amount of AOE dame (Skill AOE cone) deals 20% of the Skipper's health, meaning if you don't defeat the Boss before it launches the skill 5 times, the entire Skipper will be destroyed - Cannot escape the range of AOE skill when Boss executes (not to mention that there were players in the tank role and the Bettles didn't have a chance to deal damage)

2. With PVP server

The appearance mechanism of the Boss is a condition for the top teams to meeting and compare firepower with each other instead of paying attention to the Boss :)

Can believe that they will be busy greeting with each other until the event is over, and no one can kill the Boss :)) - perhaps a mechanism with the appearance and duration of the boss to ensure that boss can be defeated on crowded PVP server

PS/ In general, the damage to Mech is too great. The value of the boss's item cannot be offset when using Mech to participate, but without Mech's participation, it will take more time to defeat the boss and most of them will die by AOE skill if no there are at least 7 people join with heavy weapons


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Re: Review overview of A26 test version
« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2020, 08:05:30 am »
Thanks for posting this, Giang Nam.  There's a lot of good info here, for the new patch but also for the game in general.  I learned a lot, and it's always nice to see another person's opinions.