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[Client+Server]Tech Expansion 5.0 mod
« on: December 08, 2020, 10:16:21 pm »
Here's a link to the files you'll need for your client.

I updated the mod install process to be a little easier, now just download the one zip file below, open it, if you installed cryofall through steam, copy the Mods folder, and ModsConfig.xml to your C:\Users\*****\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall folder. This has tech expansion, and the required stack mod.
If you didn't install Cryofall through steam, it's the same process but the Modsconfig.xml, and Mods folder should go in your Cryofall directory then.
Download link for mod
Discord for our mod and server running the modpack
I have to note, the files supplied are for client only, if you want to host a server with tech_expanded, join our discord and PM me for the server side files.
Contents of mod
New tiers of raiders, lighter tier raiders with metal/leather armor equipped with 10mm SMG, bolt action rifle, and double barrel shotguns
            heavier tier raiders with assault/military armor equipped with heavy MG, light rifle, and military shotguns
Added tribesmen , leather tier armor armed with crossbows, replaces raiders in the wild.

      Many new ammo types to accommodate the new weapon and weapon types
      Explosive ammo, as well as explosive crossbow bolts ( used only for mining )
      Please note there is only one type of explosive ammo that does greater than 1 damage to structures
      this is intended to keep explosive ammo from being used as a method of raiding
      explosive rounds are more intended for combat against heavy armor, or large groups
      All ammo types now have their own trace effects
      Taser rounds for rifle, smg, and pistols. cause dazed effect and stun target, deals minor damage
      Hydroshock rounds are hollowpoints with a little bit of armor pen.
      Hollow points are great against unarmored targets
      Depleted Uranium (DU) rounds deal minor rad damage, and heavy armor pen damage.
      HEAT rounds are incendiary rounds, minor armor pen, major heat damage
      API rounds are high pen shotgun slugs
      EX - Explosive
      Rifle rounds
         7X39 rounds are balanced to be less effective then 7x62 rounds, similar to comparing SMG to rifle rounds
         7X62 rounds are balanced to be much more effective and costly to produce than 7x39 rounds
         .30 FMJ (30-06) powerful rifle round, comparable to 5x45 with less range
                        4.7 rounds ammo for HK weapons, has higher stopping power than 5x45
         5X56 more stopping power than 5X45
         5X45 rounds less stopping power than 5x56 but more range and armor pen
         .300 rounds ( standard cryofall rifle rounds, very powerful )
         .577 T-rex rounds, designed to stop the charge of large animals, devastating fire power and recoil
         Honred pragmium shards, fired by a specialty weapon, the shards explode on impact causing minor explosive damage
         20MM Depleted uranium rounds, autocannon round boasting impressive range, good for taking down armored targets.
         30MM Semi-Armor piercing High explosive Incendiary (SAPHEI) Rounds, the name says it all. Even the pragmium queen fears this.
      Pistol / SMG
         9mm balanced to fall between 8mm and 10mm ammo, has slightly higher armor pen than 10mm
         .45 cal, less range than a 9mm but more stopping power
         .38 SP revolver/ high power pistol ammo
          5X7 - ammo for the FN Five Seven
         .357 revolver cartridge, ammo was designed specifically to take down armor targets, painfully.
         .44 Mag Relative to the .40 AE round but with slightly more range, less armor piercing capability but still more powerfull than any pistol cartridge below it
         .50 AE rounds, ultimate pistol cartridge
         .50EM Electro-mag rounds, using a specialized  weapon system that instead of gunpowder, uses a high energy discharge system within the cartridge to electro-magnetically accelerate the slug
         20GA - tigher pattern but less damage than 12g
         8A - massive round, deals allot of damage
         Low damage but armor pen comparable to a railgun
   Added two tiers of spears
      stone spear - craftable by hand
      iron spear - craftable from workbench, unlocked from Tier I Industry
   Ak series weapons re-balance
      Entry level weapon into the AK series
      newer, more accurate and reliable than the Ak47
      Newer, more accurate and reliable than the AK74, made of composite components
      Same design as the AK103 but higher accuracy
      Modern assault rifle
      Much higher rate of fire than Previous model AK12
      Modernized 103, higher rate of fire, overall better gun
Added laser shotgun and laser scattergun
   laser shotgun has higher damage with a tighter pattern, faster rate of fire, high energy usage
   laser scatter gun is more primitive, very slow rate of fire, huge scatter, huge energy consumption but available early in tier 3
Added Auto plasma rifle
   Doesn't have spread shot but instead offers high rate of fire
Added new beam rifle
   Deals heavy radiation damage. Fires a constant beam, can also daze and cause the target to become sick
Added Toxic, Broad-head, and explosive arrows
   Toxic arrows deal toxic damage similar to an 10mm toxic round. Broad-head arrows are great for unarmored targets
Added flak cannon for behemoth mech
   fires small artillery shells, medium rate of fire, low damage.

Alien weapons can only be found in space debris drops

Thermo-Pragmium Bomb
   It might seem OP, but it doesn't penetrate armor, and each nuke requires a prag heart.
   yields the same blast radius as a prag node.
   This bomb would be ideal for weakening the outer layer(s), then punching through with res bombs
Most of the new weapons can only be acquired by crafting them at the machining table. The parts for these guns can be found in multiple ways
Sometimes from boss drops ( raiders), weapons crates ( which spawn in the raider bases) supply crates will sometimes give parts
Rare but sometimes found in garbage piles

The new energy weapons are somewhat different, in that their parts can only be found in space debris drops,
and very rare but on bosses (raiders)

Added new mineral, uranium and uranium ore

   New lockable steel crates, large and small, unlockable in tier II and III construction
   New large safe, unlockable in tier III construction
   new tier Super Heavy structures, unlockable in tier 5 Advanced industry
      Walls floors doors and gates
      Very strong, twice that of armored steel, but very expensive
   Increased production speed of all machines / crafting stations
   Increased storage of fridges and slightly increase to freshness keep of large fridges
   Increased solar panel electricity production
New crafting stations
Added new ammo bench, can craft all standard types of ammo, as well as advanced ammo for craftable weapons
   recipes in X5
   Can also craft nitro / black powder in X5

New storage

   All mechs inventory size increased
   New mech, Scout. Has less damage resistance than the skipper, and higher fuel consumption, but moves twice as fast and boasts a huge cargo capacity, also has brighter lights for scouting.
   Added hoverboard Mk3, lighter, much faster version of the Mk3, much less armor and higher crafting cost, has medium cargo bay
   Added small cargo bay to Mk2 hoverboard

Working on new sprites for the scout mech but it's difficult

Added crafting recipe to mineral processing plant, converts ore+copper ore to stone
New drones and controller

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Re: [Client+Server]Tech Expansion 5.0 mod
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2021, 07:15:45 pm »
Updated for 5.0, will update the page soon with new descriptions


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Re: [Client+Server]Tech Expansion 5.0 mod
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2021, 07:42:30 am »
Please visit the discord for more info, there was only so much i can fit on this page


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Re: [Client+Server]Tech Expansion 5.0 mod
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2021, 11:25:02 am »
Small update 5.01, had to fix some small bugs


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Re: [Client+Server]Tech Expansion 5.0 mod
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2021, 06:17:15 pm »
The mod isn't work in A30 :/