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Mods / Re: [Client+Server] Farming
August 27, 2022, 01:56:20 PM
Is there a version of this that doesn't add new plants or recipes, just the wild herbs/berries/etc? I'd like that. <3 I kinda feel like the things like changing existing recipes to add new crops should be an addon for it rather than part of the core mod.
Notably I'm playing solo on a local server, but yeah I'm wondering if there's a way to save some time searching those gigantic circles via a mod that just shows exactly where the meteors or space debris landed? Or does the game not share that information in any way accessible via modding? I'm just trying to get a bit of an accelerated play-through going for myself since I've already done it all before and walking around in a grid search for that stuff is a bit of a chore. D:

I just don't like wasting time if I can help it. xD
Mods / Re: [Server][Map]AnDrew0o's map
August 27, 2022, 01:50:49 PM
Browsing the mods forum and seeing this for the first time today. Looks great! You put a lot of work into that, I can tell. :)
So I'd like to learn modding with this. I'd basically be starting from scratch though. Would I need to learn a programming language to do it for this game?
Mods / Re: [Client] Automaton Mod
June 01, 2021, 11:56:32 PM
Does not appear to function with the latest steam version. After installation (and it's the first and only mod) the game freezes on the developer/publisher credits splash screen and never proceeds.
If there's a kind soul out there who would be willing to help, we'd really like a mod for our server that would reduce all generators' (steam, gas and pragmium reactor) consumption of fuel down to about 33%. People are just burning out from having to *constantly* grind just to keep their power going. :<