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I don't seem able to upload or add pictures, so here goes 1000 words instead. 2 claims side by side but not yet linked. Spaced 3 sections apart but game is locked at tier 2 so they are not linked and have their own electrical system, which means layer 4 and 5 are overlapped into each base. This we all know. Left claim still empty and locked because still locked at tier 2. using the right claim for everything. I can NOT move a crate or other items into the 2 overlapping layers from the locked left claim. Single stone wall which would be layer 4, leaving layer 5 inside the base but unable to move anything to it.  I just checked, can NOT build anything there either like a new crate.

Now obviously I can unlock the other claim and go about my business but why should I have to leave it open and risk its defense for no reason when the claim itself isn't being used.  Fundamentally I am still the registered owner of both claims and this shouldn't be affecting me. Just because it's locked doesn't mean I don't still own it.