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sorry for restarting a multiplayer server a thousand times for over a year...

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I didn't count but i'm probably near that anyway. so sorry If that messes things up on your end. The thing is I need the console to debug me information and i don't think i can do that in singleplayer, unless i can, i just dont know how.


I'm just worried to get banned lol. Don't do it though coz im working on nice mods. Aka at the moment, destructible stations.

You could make your server private by editing the SettingsServer.xml file if you wish to use it for private needs only :-)

It's always private while i'm scripting and modding stuff. But if it flashes red on your side with the amount of times im restarting my server and relogging in the main server, it's just because i'm testing and I need to restart the server, as sometimes a simple debug.reinit wont work.

No problem in that case, Master Server could handle a way higher load without any issues. :-)


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