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how to start a server for dummies

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I am the dummy I read the wikki on how to start a server & got lost here:

Copy the following files from game distributive to your server machine:

    folder "Server_dotNET" (if you using .NET) or "Server_Mono"
    folder "Core" (put it inside the "Server_*" folder)

Installation complete!

Or you can actually run the server from the same folder as it is distributed with the game.

Launch VoidExpanse.Server.exe from ./Server_dotNET/ folder.
What is all that need a breakdown into layman's terms if possible. This is written for techs & I am not one.

I have .Net framework on my Win&7 64-bit comp but never found the  folder "Server_dotNET" they speak of & how do I "Launch VoidExpanse.Server.exe from ./Server_dotNET/ folder to begin with...please don't flame if you can help it.

where on your computer is void expanse installed?

I do not know how it would work on Apple or Linux
I am using VoidExpanse v1.29 and windows 7
(It might be useful to install games NOT in C:\program files as especially windows
can be an OS in the arm regarding accessibility, hiding important things from the user.)

This is how i did it:
1. make a copy of the WHOLE gamefolder (its just 500 mb or so)

2. rename that folder in a way that you know its the server-version of the game
    (VoidExpanseServer as an example)

3. copy all mods (MPK files) that you want to use to the VoidExpanseServer\Server_dotNET folder

4a. start VoidExpanse.Server.exe in the VoidExpanseServer\Server_dotNET folder

or, if you want to start a dedicated server
4b. make a shortcut to the VoidExpanse.Server.exe in the VoidExpanseServer\Server_dotNET folder file
      and add "--dedicated" (without the quotes) to the Target-line, then use that shortcut to start the server

On my machine it then looks like this:
G:\!_games\steamapps\common\VoidExpanseServer\Server_dotNET\VoidExpanse.Server.exe --dedicated

5. you can replace the VoidExpanseServer\Server_dotNET\ServerIcon.png thumbnail with one of your own,
     that then appears in the serverlisting. It should (i think) also be 128x128 pixels big

6. you can edit VoidExpanseServer\Server_dotNET\SettingsServer.xml to change settings for your server

7. forward port UDP 5000 in your router to be accessible from the internet

8. join your server as you would join any multiplayerserver

And yes, it is VERY badly explained in the wiki

Well said, MenschMaschine, you summed that up nicely.


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