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Should be pretty straight forward. I think the answers here could help the devs also prioritize certain features and fixes.

Game version: 1.1.3c
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Space
Steps to Reproduce:
  • Fly to an area of space where you have a fixed container (one that has/had an alien artifact).
  • Destroy a ship nearby so it drops a loot container.
  • Grapple the loot container but don't collect it. You need to drag it towards the fixed container but move your ship so that it keeps the container too far away to collect. I suggest a zig-zag.
  • Fly near the fixed container but again, not close enough to collect it.
  • Grapple the fixed container with "F" and you'll have 2 active grapple beams.
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Bug Description: This may be intended behavior. However, I don't think it is. You can initiate a second grapple beam while one is already active. If you already have a container inventory screen up and allow the first container to be collected, the second grapple will force it to close and open a new container inventory screen for the first container.

Ideas and suggestions / Add a shortcut key to undock from a base.
« on: February 22, 2015, 12:58:23 am »
I suggest 'V'.  It should only do anything while docked. No response if in space.

Game version: 1.0.4
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Galaxy Map
Steps to Reproduce: N/A
Reproduction Rate: N/A
Bug Description: The Freedom faction quest line ends in a Xengatarn system. When you're outside of this system you can't select it in the Galaxy map screen in order to chart a course to it. Instead you get an error message "Selected Star System is currently inaccessible."

Also when you hover over it, the popup displays "No Access" in red letters.

However if you travel to an adjacent system, you can manually jump into it. So it is accessible and it needs to be accessible to complete the game  ;D. This doesn't stop you from finishing the game since manual jumping works. (I'm in Costan Theta.)

There is also another bug that I believe is directly related to this one so I will add it here. When you are inside of this "exit system" you also cannot chart a course to any other system on the Galaxy map screen. There are no error messages.

When you click on another system, it will highlight with the revolving yellow reticle but no path will be drawn and the "autopilot" button does not appear. Also the current system you're in (Costan Theta in this case) is not highlighted as well. You have to manually jump to an adjacent system and then you can use the autopilot and chart a course normally.

I have a game save I can upload if you need to test it.

Game version: 1.0.4
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Space
Steps to Reproduce: N/A
Reproduction Rate: 5%
Screenshot: N/A
Bug Description: I'm finding the game gets rather unstable starting when I use ships with 3 or 4 laser weapons. Sometimes when I fire them and hit an enemy ship the game will freeze for a few seconds. If it doesn't stop at this point then it continues with my ship "jumping" in space as it realigns with the server. Otherwise the game client or server thinks the other disconnected and they give up (I read a bit of the logs).

Possibly related also is I notice the interface can take longer to load when you bring up the inventory, system map, and galaxy map screens. I basically feel I can predict when the crash is incoming by this. I think there may still be a memory leak in the client as I see these things come up after playing for a bit.

One time this happened I had just beat the game and after I loaded the save again and started over, the game disconnected when I attacked the very first pirate I encountered. I'm fairly sure the local server was ended and restarted when I finished the game, however I didn't close the client during this.

Here's my last set of logs from a crash: link

Game version: 1.0.4
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Jumping between systems
Steps to Reproduce:
  • Start the game in windowed mode. Make sure "Pause on Minimize" is turned on.
  • Go to a jump gate and take it by pressing "F" or letting the autopilot do it.
  • Click on another window while the engines are charging. The Menu should come up also.
  • The screen fades and stays on the loading screen.
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Screenshot: N/A
Bug Description: I play the game in windowed mode. If you click on another window while the engines are charging up and before the jump, the game fails to load the next system.

Bug reports / Protect Boris quest, incorrect target mark? [v1.0.4] [SP]
« on: February 12, 2015, 08:15:01 pm »
Game version: 1.0.4
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Protect Boris quest
Steps to Reproduce:
  • Get to the part where you talk to Officer Valente.
  • Choose "Can I convince you to leave Boris alone?" when it comes up.
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Bug Description: After you are finished with the conversation the quest log updates properly and says you need to go to an Order terminal (picture). However if you click on "Show Map" it still has Officer Valente and his 2 buddies targeted (picture) instead of the station you need to go to.

Server log entries:

12.2.15 21:55:37.8667 [IMP] Dialog with NPC Ship Officer Valente (ID=40017) started; 1 askew1
12.2.15 21:55:40.0848 [IMP] Dialog topic changed: freedom_quest_ricco_protectio n; 1 askew1
12.2.15 21:55:40.1058 [IMP] Dialog batch:
>> That's not of your concern, civilian. I'm Officer Valente of The Order, and I command you not to interfere.
[1] You've threatened to kill the guy!
[2] Can I convince you to leave Boris alone?; 1 askew1
12.2.15 21:55:43.3410 [IMP] Controls disabled for NPC Ship Pirate Headhunter (ID=40944)
12.2.15 21:55:45.4902 [IMP] Dialog choice: [2]; 1 askew1
12.2.15 21:55:45.4912 [IMP] Dialog batch:
>> It's official Order business. If you interfere, you will face... consequences. Which I wouldn't recommend. I have an official order.
>> Now, get lost. I'm tired of you.

Bug reports / 1.0.4 Map shifts while traveling at the edges
« on: February 10, 2015, 10:12:20 am »
Game version: 1.0.4
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Space
Steps to Reproduce:
  • Fly around the vertical center of the map on the right side.
  • Aim your ship to the right (East) on a horizontal path.
  • Start the cruise mode with "C".
  • Bring up the system map with "M".
  • Wait until you reach the edge.
Reproduction Rate: 100% (Tried this in 2 systems)
Bug Description: When you are flying around the edges of the map and bring the map up, it is shifting in the direction that you are traveling. This occurs when you are drifting as well as cruise mode. The first pair of screenshots show just moving due East. When you reach the edge the map also starts to shift East.

I found this interesting also. You can fly way outside the system on the right side and then start moving West or NorthWest and you can see the edge of the map  :o.

Game version: 1.0.2
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Liberation mission
Steps to Reproduce: Attack your wingman during the Liberation mission.
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Screenshot: N/A
Bug Description: The wingman becomes very unhelpful when they get between you and enemy ships. It will  become hostile to you and attack you until you jump into another star system. It will reset to friendly then. This is troublesome also because I'm in hostile territory with powerful enemies and (right now) he does a high amount of damage to me. His armor is also very high so I can't kill him before he kills me. I basically can only run away and reset him. Ideally the wingman should be blocked from being hostile ever.

If I have a structure repair consumable already equipped I'd like the game to automatically stack any new structure repair consumables I pick up from crates or the shop in the equipped slot. If the equipment slot is already at max number then go ahead and dump it into the inventory. If the stack action is going to go over the max, then only stack the number up to max and put the remaining count in the inventory.

Bug reports / Issues with "Pause on minimize"
« on: February 08, 2015, 04:35:41 pm »
Game version: 1.0.2
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: N/A
Steps to Reproduce:
  • Start the game. Undock so you're in space.
  • Bring up the menu with escape.
  • Go to Options
  • Uncheck "Pause on Minimize"
  • Click "Ok"
  • Click "Continue" on the menu.
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Screenshot: N/A
Bug Description: The game camera will move with the mouse as normal and the guns will move as well (I use the "auto" control scheme). You can bring up the inventory and other submenus using the keyboard shortcuts. The ship doesn't move though and the game acts as if it's paused otherwise. No NPC ships are moving. If I go back into the settings and re-enable "Pause on Minimize" the game returns to normal. I can record a video if needed.

Ideas and suggestions / Set autopilot destination while docked
« on: February 08, 2015, 04:11:15 pm »
I'd like to be able to set the autopilot destination while docked at a base. Right now the game says I must undock to set it. Is there a reason you want us to undock to set the destination?

Ideally this would allow us to set it while docked. Then undock. Then press X to go.

Bug reports / 1.0.2 Kidnapped storekeeper
« on: February 04, 2015, 06:35:38 pm »
Just a typo in the quest log entry.

"One of the Order ships will flank them and help me same the store keeper."

Game version: 1.0.1b
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Science officers
Steps to Reproduce: Give 1 alien technology to science officer.
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Bug Description: When you give 1 item of alien technology, the NPC reply text reads "your 1 science points". It should read "your 10 science points".

Bug reports / 1.0.1b Launcher transparent
« on: February 02, 2015, 04:59:06 pm »
Game version: 1.0.1b
Game mode: Launcher
Bug Location: Launcher
Steps to Reproduce: Open the launcher.
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Bug Description: The launcher background is transparent. On a white screen you just see the outline of it. The text and the buttons are still visible on a dark background. This started for me with the 1.0 launcher update.

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