Exit system for Freedom is not selectable on galaxy map [v1.0.4][SP]

Started by askew1, February 19, 2015, 01:32:05 AM


Game version: 1.0.4
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Galaxy Map
Steps to Reproduce: N/A
Reproduction Rate: N/A
Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/qaGc4mp.png
Bug Description: The Freedom faction quest line ends in a Xengatarn system. When you're outside of this system you can't select it in the Galaxy map screen in order to chart a course to it. Instead you get an error message "Selected Star System is currently inaccessible."

Also when you hover over it, the popup displays "No Access" in red letters.

However if you travel to an adjacent system, you can manually jump into it. So it is accessible and it needs to be accessible to complete the game  ;D. This doesn't stop you from finishing the game since manual jumping works.

http://i.imgur.com/ARFan0g.png (I'm in Costan Theta.)

There is also another bug that I believe is directly related to this one so I will add it here. When you are inside of this "exit system" you also cannot chart a course to any other system on the Galaxy map screen. There are no error messages.

When you click on another system, it will highlight with the revolving yellow reticle but no path will be drawn and the "autopilot" button does not appear. Also the current system you're in (Costan Theta in this case) is not highlighted as well. You have to manually jump to an adjacent system and then you can use the autopilot and chart a course normally.

I have a game save I can upload if you need to test it.


Hello! Upload the savegame file please, we will investigate it.


You should be enjoying your vacation. These bugs aren't going anywhere.

Here is the save: link