Can initiate a second grapple beam with one already active.[v1.1.3c][SP]

Started by askew1, March 27, 2015, 01:38:51 PM


Game version: 1.1.3c
Game mode: Single Player
Bug Location: Space
Steps to Reproduce:

  • Fly to an area of space where you have a fixed container (one that has/had an alien artifact).
  • Destroy a ship nearby so it drops a loot container.
  • Grapple the loot container but don't collect it. You need to drag it towards the fixed container but move your ship so that it keeps the container too far away to collect. I suggest a zig-zag.
  • Fly near the fixed container but again, not close enough to collect it.
  • Grapple the fixed container with "F" and you'll have 2 active grapple beams.
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Bug Description: This may be intended behavior. However, I don't think it is. You can initiate a second grapple beam while one is already active. If you already have a container inventory screen up and allow the first container to be collected, the second grapple will force it to close and open a new container inventory screen for the first container.


Thanks for reporting. Yes, it was intended for early game versions, but you are right, it's looks incorrect now. We will fix it in the next build.
BTW, do you have any other issues with v1.1.13c?


I might have a few more. I'm finishing up the Fanatics quest line and noticed this so far.

There are spoilers ahead.

Artifacts for Melak
It has you collecting 15 alien relics of a specific type. In the quest log (and I think the dialogue with the NPC also) it describes the relic as "rectangular shape with carvings and a small spherical module" which I think is incorrect. It should be "circular" instead of "rectangular" as shown here.

Also once you have 15 of the right artifact there's no indication in the text or map of where to take them. It'd be helpful to add to the quest log the station and system where Melak is or have the quest update with a destination marker.

Something you can verify as well is that I've noticed all alien artifacts have a type "StaticObject". I'm not sure if that was meant to be shown or not. Video

Irdanium for Melak
When you receive this quest it has a show map button. When clicked it tries to build a route to a system (Ketkalana) that is one jump away from the Xengatarn home system (Cosracar) PIC. But the Ketkalana system indicates No access and it won't let me build the route. I can however manually click on Caregi next to it and build a route to that system. From there I can jump into Ketkalana manually.

Once I find the asteroid and mine the mineral, there's a related bug. The quest target changes to the Fanatic capital system, but the routing doesn't work now if I try any outside system. If I jump to the adjacent system (outside of the current No Access system), then I can route again. Poorly encoded video here!

Unwilling Enemies
Same as above. System isn't accessible. Can't route to it but I can jump to it from adjacent systems. Video here.

I also have a Noesis crash that I can reproduce but only with 1 saved game that I have so it might be something unique in there. video pic saved-game dump

  • It's quick to do. Load the game.
  • Go to Galaxy map with [N].
  • Click on "Autopilot" button.

New game+ doubles your experience points.
When you start a new game+, you regain all your levels after your first kill and also get all the experience points again.

  • Finish the game.
  • Load the finish game and start a new game+. Your character is level 1.
  • Kill a pirate.
  • You regain all your levels and experience points.


Really appreciate the detailed info on these issues. We were able to fix almost all of them, but we are not really sure about the issue with building routes. The one you explained in "Irdanium for Melak" part.
We've just released  the new build that should address all of that, including this issue, but we are not exactly sure about last one. If possible, could you try this new version and let us know if the problem still persists.

Edit: Ah, and one more thing, we edited the description about the artifacts (thanks for the tip!), but we won't change the way the quest is played (meaning no marker), because of certain reasons.


Grapple beams are also fixed.
We have also fixed the crash with NoesisGUI on the Galaxy map.
For issues related to the route building - please upload the savegames, it will help us a lot.


Irdanium for Melak Save game: link

Let me try to explain it another way. Normally when you're in the Journal and you click on on "Show Map", the galaxy map is displayed and the target system for that mission is highlighted in yellow and a route is plotted to that system. I expected to be able to do this also for this mission.

In this case the target system is Ketkalana. When you click on "Show Map" it attempts to plot a route to the system but it fails. It displays this error. The Ketkalana system has a Red Circle around it and it says "No Access" in red letters.

As a workaround I can route to the system adjacent to it, Caregi, instead. Once I'm in Caregi, I locate the jump gate for Ketkalana and I manually jump there so I can finish the mission.

This is actually very similar to another bug I reported here also: link. They both have to do with the end systems of the game. I don't believe this is the intended behavior but I could be wrong.

One more bug I've found is a display issue with a particular nebula background. Video. When you cross the outer edge of the system it changes slightly. I have background nebulas set to "Some". I haven't tried different settings yet.


askew1 thanks for so detailed description of these issues. The issue with the "no access" system and the issue with the nebulas are fixed now.
Uploading the new build...
UPD. Uploaded.