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Title: Does changing a server from PVE to PVP work?
Post by: Khaos on October 05, 2020, 07:25:26 pm
Hello, I am setting up a server and I was wondering if there are any problems if I change the settings to PVP for a week every third week as an example?
Also, I like the idea of restricting user Mods. Is there a way to allow only some mods? I was thinking mods like CNEI and automaton are a great help, but they do not work with the mod restriction "on". Maybe a way to load acceptable mods onto the server for people to use is an option in the future?
Title: Re: Does changing a server from PVE to PVP work?
Post by: ai_enabled on October 06, 2020, 05:03:07 am

1. You can switch your server to PvP or PvE at any time without any side effects except there are few mechanics that are different in PvP and PvE. Most notably, in PvE you can build oil/Li extractors in any biome and without any limit on their density, while PvP restricts players to build them in specific biomes only and has a minimal distance limit. So PvP players just cannot spam them, get a ton of resources, and produce a ton of stuff (bombs!). Additionally there is a resource domination mechanic when oil seeps and geothermal springs (deposits) spawned in random locations and players are notified about this event so they can try capturing the deposit while fighting their opponents. While the deposits have a limited lifetime, they are very valuable as they provide plenty of resources that otherwise would take much longer to obtain.

2. The whole idea of the secure "no client modifications" mode is that the game client has layers of integrity checks and anti-tampering protection to ensure that it's running a vanilla version of the game, without any modifications. The nature of client mods is that they are directly integrating into the game "Core" (adding/replacing scripts and/or assets) so these layers of integrity checks will definitely fail if any client mod is used. This way they cannot be permitted by design. Additionally, even if the design was simpler (and so, weaker), it's a problem to verify the authencity and integrity of third-party mods reliably and without creating a security hole for hacks.

However, the idea of the "no client modifications" mode is to give players peace of mind that no one could easily use client modifications while playing on a secure server. But we're also doing our best to design new and redesign existing mechanics to ensure that using any client side modifications will not provide a tangible advantage (e.g. we've just totally reworked the medical system, the automatic weapon recoil/fire spread mechanic, put rate limits on certain actions, etc). This way allowing client mods should not be a problem as the most tangible advantage players could get with mods is through automation (e.g. Automaton mod that is publicly available)—and as I understand this is exactly the kind of mods that you wish to permit using on your server.
We will update our post about cheating/hacking policy soon.

Title: Re: Does changing a server from PVE to PVP work?
Post by: Khaos on October 06, 2020, 08:52:29 pm
Thank-you. appreciate the information.