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Mod adds some automation to simple tasks, like looting, gathering...
By default all features are disabled.

How to use: Open mod settings gui by pressing 'F6'.
In settings: red tab - means that feature is disabled, press and hit 'Apply' button to save changes (it's only remember changes in current feature tab, so use 'Apply' on every feature settings change).
Toggle all mod features on/off by pressing 'x'.
All buttons configurable in game main settings.


Mod type: Client-side mod.

Admin edit:
Download patched version compatible with R31 Update: here (thanks to @Mars)

Latest version: 0.4.1
Supported game version:
Download latest version: here

Bug tracker: here

GitHub link:

0.4.1 (18.02.2021)
 - Fix AutoHarvest stop firing after accidental mouse clicking.
0.4.0 (17.02.2021)
 - Add dynamic gathering of features.
 - Fix OptionTextBox value parsing.
 - Various small fixes.
 - Add AutoFishing feature.
 - Add AutoFishCleaner feature.
 - Add ToolPreservation feature.
 - Add DroneCommander feature.
0.3.6 (19.01.2021)
 - Fix A29 incompatibility.
0.3.5 (25.07.2020)
 - Add update checker via rss.
 - Refactor addition of features.
0.3.4 (23.04.2020)
 - Fix style error for A26.
0.3.3 (31.01.2020)
 - Add tree age filter for AutoHarvest.
 - Fix A25 incompatibility. (Thanks ai_enabled)
0.3.2 (15.08.2019)
 - Fix AutoHarvest aim for some cases. (Should be ok now)
0.3.1 (13.08.2019)
 - Fix UI reload failure.
 - Fix AutoHarvest aim.
0.3.0 (11.08.2019)
 - Add information tab.
 - Fix A23 changes compatibility.
0.2.4 (30.07.2019)
 - Global code refactor.
 - Add full localization support. Add ru_ru translation.
 - Add stale water bottle for AutoFill.
 - Add global settings.
 - Fix A23 changes compatibility.
0.2.3 (10.04.2019)
 - Add gui notification for gathered items from loot container.
 - AutoPickup ignore items on cursor.
 - AutoPickup will not open ground container gui if player inventory is full.
 - Fix few problems with AutoGather loot container.
0.2.2 (09.03.2019)
 - Fix A19 compatibility.
 - Add proper item gathering from loot container.
0.2.1 (22.01.2019)
 - Fix A18 compatibility.
 - Fix autoharvest whitelisting.
0.2.0 (02.12.2018)
 - New GUI.
 - More flexibility in settings. (Ability to automate only certain tasks)
 - Add AutoFill feature.
0.1.3 (10.10.2018)
 - Fix mods setting not saved.
 - Fix auto-gather attempt to gather on plants that has not ready yet.
0.1.2 (09.10.2018)
 - Change default button for settings, now it's 'F6'.
 - Add button to enable/disable mod features. Default button is 'X'.
0.1.1 (05.10.2018)
 - Fix incompatibility.

How to install mod:

* If you are using a Steam version:
Here is guide for you.
* If you are using a launcher:
Open mod file "Automaton.mpk" with launcher. Press 'Yes' to overwrite (if you updating mod). Press yes to activate. Done. Enjoy!
(Yep, now it's that easy)
* If you run game client directly:
Place mod file "Automaton.mpk" in your "Data" -> "Mods" folder. Then go back in "Data" folder and open "ModsConfig.xml"
File "ModsConfig.xml" looks like this:

--- Code: ---<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
--- End code ---
Add following line to enable this mod.

--- Code: ---<mod>automaton</mod>
--- End code ---
Result file looks like this:

--- Code: ---<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
--- End code ---
Save changes. Close file. Run game client.

Good work!!!


Although it feels a bit like an exploit :)

But oh, well. Since it doesn't break or exploit any server rules it is fine, even if we are not happy about it :)

If Sir Lurler won't be happy about it..,
I'm not going to use it..,
but I'm not going to be happy about it...

Hmm... At least I'll try it.  8)


Sir, may I suggestion an on/off switch, a binding key to turn on/off, please.

EDIT: I've figured a way for my on/off, switching tools. :P

ok, I've tried it more.

I noticed there are a lot of times that mining minerals or wood cutting is slow. My character pauses from time to time.

Maybe it's because of the game ping that I have?
I'm not sure.


EDIT: It's going smooth when this is on for the first few minutes. Problem starts after that which I have to turn it off and on to go smooth again.


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