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[Client+Server] Hardcore Desert - Pragmium King

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Hardcore desert - Pragmium king

Thanks to Druffzilla, Salvick and J422 for art, code and ideas.

Thanks to ai_enabled, always available to your questions.  This Net5 code is awesome to learn new syntax.

Mod type: Client-Server mod.

Latest version: 0.1.52

Download latest version for R31: 0.1.52 here  <-----

Download latest version for R30: 0.1.39 here  <-----


How to install mod:
Copy HardcoreDesert.mpk in "C:\Users[user]\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall\Mods"
Change file "ModsConfig.xml" in "C:\Users\[user]\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall"

--- Code: ---<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

--- End code ---

New features :

Events :
Mutant Migration - Base raids : Enraged mobs attacking your land claim, consider upgrading your land claim only when necessary and build walls, you can be raided offline.  5 waves of mobs, if your land claim is level 3 to 5, there are enraged pragmium bears spawning, get ready or don't kill the mobs. SHIELD is a good option.

Mutant migration event circle bound to player (You can't see event circles on other land claims)

Spaceship crash site with Crimson Elite NPC - NPC by Salvick, art by druffzilla

Mutant Crawlers Infestation by Salvick

Random Meteors in meteorite drop event
Meteorites can drop on beach, moutains, meadows etc.
SMG NPC on Space debris - NPC by Salvick
PsiGrove always drops pragmium

Mobs :
Pragmium king, Desert Princess, Angry pangolin, Cold bear, Pragmium bear, Large pragmium bear

All mobs spawn with a random level 1 to 5.  Level 5 wolf has x5 HP and x5 Loot.
Some mob attack and retreat AI (adds some challenge!)
Zones for mob level restrictions - if you want to make a map, the zone names are ZoneMobLevel 1 to 5.  (I use level 5 on the border around the King)

Vehicles :
Crusher (Behemoth with less armor, but more speed and cargo, axe and pickaxe tool hardpoint) - art by druffzilla
Added a chance for wrecked hoverboard in garbage pile (Rate WreckedHoverboardChance)

Resources :
Giant pragmium source

Items :
Vehicle remote control (Teleport any of your vehicle near you) - art by druffzilla
Bags to store food items (Must be in the hotbar, alt-click to open)
Backpacks (Device to increase your inventory slots) -  art by druffzilla
Portable freezer (Basicly a bag with his own power source slot) - art by druffzilla
Herbal medicine - art by druffzilla
Enraged pragmium heart

Medical cool down to 3 seconds in pve
Jelly Bush mod (corn recipes, butter, jelly fruit recipes) - druffzilla and Salvick

Weapons :
Steppen Hunter - druffzilla
Pistol and musket reskin - druffzilla
Vanguard T5 Energy weapons - Salvick/J422/Mars

Piercing Energy Canon and Rapier
Don't recall drones when switching to a weapon

Structures :
Refrigerated trading stations
Huge grounded crate
Ender crate - All ender crates have the same inventory container, so you can access the same items from different bases

Waterfall on the king island - waterfall by druffzilla

Turrets in pve
You can have land claim storage in pve
SHIELD / Raid block in pve
PvE soil/distance requirement for oil and lithium extraction like in PvP
Escape stage 4 needs more item

Quests :
22 new quests like boss remains, new mobs, bags, collect more resources.


Available settings
AchievementsModdedServerEnabl ed : Achievement enabled in a modded server. Default to disabled like vanilla game.
ConstructionOverlayAlwaysVisi ble : Determines if you see the construction overlay when building or relocating structures, default to true like vanilla game
MigrationMutantAttackNumber: Number of base under attack for mutant migration event, default 3
MigrationMutantAttackNumberLo calServer: Number of base under attack for mutant migration event, default 1
MigrationMutantDurationWithou tDelay: Mutant migration duration in minutes without the 5 minutes delay, default 15
MigrationMutantWaveCount: Number of waves for mutant migration event, default 5
MigrationMutantMobCount: Number of mobs for each claims, default 1,4,8,13,20
MigrationMutantMobMaxLevelPer Wave: Max level of mobs for each wave, default 1,2,3,4,5
ServerGlobalStorageItemsSlots Capacity: How many global storage slots are allowed per base. The value should be within 0-128 range, default 64
WreckedHoverboardChance: A chance to get wrecked hoverboard in garbage pile (1 / RateValue ;  Default 30 ; Set 0 for none)


--- Quote from: Mars on March 10, 2021, 09:13:27 pm ---Change log:
Added Angry Pangolin
Added Pragmium King

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Mars on March 10, 2021, 09:13:27 pm ---Change log:
Added Mob levels (random 1 to 5)
Added Giant prag source
Added Cold Bear

--- End quote ---

Started a Modded Server with it.
Hardcore America (North) PvE


--- Quote from: Mars on March 10, 2021, 09:13:27 pm ---Change log:
Added Prag bear (images by druffzilla)
Added Vehicle remote control

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Mars on March 10, 2021, 09:13:27 pm ---Change log:
Added new quests

--- End quote ---


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