PvE wipe too soon

Started by ZerOonE, November 08, 2021, 05:44:37 PM



I've been playing every big update (usually) and I love playing casually/slowly on PvE without worrys.

Although the wipe every 6weeks seems too quick for PvE in my opinion. I would suggest 2 months at least, maybe 3.

Other peoples opinions would be nice to hear also!




Absolutely agree, and i see many on the server saying the same thing, its very demotivational. Especially not good for all the new peple starting out, i feel real bad for them becasue they likely dont even know that its going to happen, they might not even return to the game.

as it is now, i see zero good reason to wipe, theres plenty of space on the server, and no new big updates. so many arent going to even return untill the next big patch, which will lead to a rather empty server after wipe.


It has been a while since I have played on a Featured Server, I found that leaving wipes (resets) only until an update was a bit long. That being said I usually wipe my server every 60-70 days.... mind you the rates are modified so play is a bit sped up. So I could easily see a 90 day play "Season" working.