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Thank you! As I can see the server runs pretty fast on your hardware - total frame update ("total_ms") takes <2 ms. We need to start worry only if it go higher than desired frame length (16.67 ms). So server is not lagging and fast enough at least for 5-10 simultaneously connected players.
What's wrong I found - the client seems to incorrectly calculate the interpolation time (required to smoothly play on the server). Please send me the output_log file from client for more investigation of this issue.
As a workaround, please try to manually increase interpolation time - console command "set_interp_time 100" or even "set_interp_time 150" should be enough. Look on the stat report "interp_lag_avg_ms" - when it's higher than +30 or +40 the client will run smooth without any glitches (but further increase will also increase overall client lag - game will run smoothly, but rendering will go with a noticeable delay to the server).

The game server should run pretty fast on a such hardware. But we noticed sometimes it performs badly on a VDS/VPS, but runs great on a real hardware, not virtual machine. It's seems to be related to how virtual machines handles the OS timer.

Could you do a small test please?
  • connect to your server and start playing;
  • toggle console ('~' as usual) and enter command "debug on" (without quotes) and press Enter key; toggle console again;
  • press F9 to toggle the Debug View display;
  • play for a while and make a screenshot for us.

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