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Whats your most favorite space game?

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Post below whats your most favorite spacegame?

Also post your most favorite game!

With this kind of view and gameplay (top down, directe control over one ship, some RPG elements, etc) :

Star Sector
Space Ranger
Drox Operative
ASCII Sector

Other space games i like :

Space Engineer
Star Made
X-Universe (excluding the last one...)
Aurora 4X
Blockade Runner
Pioneer Space Sim

my favorite space game is this one, void expanse and i have a lot of hope in it !!!
(modding tools !!!!, don't hit automaticaly, top down rpg space opera, a lot of content and ships, beautiful, easy interface and gameplay,great effects, various weapons and devices, hangar interface, history, simple but efficiency graphics, instead of epileptic graphics with poor content, all my hopes goes to atomic torch with this game !!!!)

for a long time i searched a game like it

thanks for developpers !!!!!!!!   ;D

after it i like space empire 5, galactic civilisation 2, dox operative a little bit, and space ranger a little too

You should also look at Unending Galaxy, promising !

Tyren, thank you! :) Really glad that you like the game!
I hope we can continue making it even better!

And since I am posting in this topic anyway, here is my answer then.
I really like space strategy games (X4): MoO3, Free Orion, Star Drive, etc.


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