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What's the next step for AtomicTorch Studio ?



After being more or less active during Void's developpement, and sadly disappointed by Dinocide (unsolved Linux troubles, and too light gameplay), i still have good feelings toward AtomicTorch Studio, and i wonder what will be your next step, if any ?

Well, we were finally able to resolve (hopefully) all issues with Dinocide as these were all related to crappy Linux support from Unity. But just a couple of weeks ago it has all been solved and people playing on linux have reported that the game now runs perfectly for them. Plus we released a lot of updates to make the game even more fun and I can say that I'm satisfied with the result. I enjoyed playing Dinocide myself and many other people did too :)

As for our future - actually we've been secretly developing our new major title for quite some time now. We are not ready to announce this game yet, but we will first share it on the forums so you guys can participate in the development. This time we don't want to make it public at all until it is already very far in development, but we will make all the information available on our forums as soon as we feel the game is ready for public scrutiny. Currently we are still working on the prototype (not ready yet), but the engine is mostly complete. And yes, we are using our own custom engine this time because we don't want a repeate of what happened to Dinocide and VoidExpanse - third party engines are just too unstable and limiting for any serious projects. And this project is as serious as you can get for a small indie team like us :)

If you are curious about the engine we are developing you can find the information here:

Good overall news, it seems !

Very curious to know more about your super secretive project.


--- Quote from: Tchey on April 10, 2016, 10:51:56 am ---Very curious to know more about your super secretive project.

--- End quote ---
Well, I can say that it is an open world game. And that it is planned to be a bit more than just an open world game. We have quite some plans for this project.
I'm sure if you liked VoidExpanse you will enjoy this game even more. But it is not space themed.

Anyway, as soon as we are ready to reveal it to you guys we will post it on the forums!


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