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Whats your most favorite space game?

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Star Wars Tie Fighter

Voidexpanse is in the running with Elite Dangerous.  Along time ago back in the 8 bit days, there was a game called Universe by Omnitrend.  It was way ahead of it's time.

SO many to choose. In no order at all.......

Master of Orion
Star Wolves (entire series)
Space Ranger s 2
Void Expanse
Starflight (loved the mining and lost colonies)
Star Control 2 (loved the scanning and mining on surfaces)
Star Sector
Wing Commander
Freespace (both)
Planets Edge
Buck Rogers Countdown Till Doomsday (loved finding derelict ships and taking them over)
Space Force Rogue Universe
Tie Fighter
Elite Dangerous (need to play it more)
X-Wing Alliance
Sins of a Solar Empire
Independence War 1 and 2
Rebel Galaxy
Nexus The Jupiter Incident
X - Beyond the Frontier (Also X 2 and X3)
Darkstar One
Star Trek Starfleet Command 1,2, and 3
Tachyon The Fringe
Star Trek Klingon Academy
Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars
Conquest Frontier Wars
Star Trek Bridge Commander

Keep in mind these are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Also I own ALL of these and more and Ive played them all. I love sci-fi games and space games in particular.

That's quite a list :)

What can I say I LOVE space games. Always have always will. I love VE. For a VE2 Id love to see owning things like trading posts or weapon shops. Some kind of business. Id also love some type of carrier ship or hirable mercs to protect my mining ship. So many ideas :)


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