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Linux - screen flickering ingame

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I tried the full release now, via Steam. Menu are fine, but when i'm in the stage, controling my toon, the screen is shaking a little from time to time, and flifkering, with large lines across the view. I tried to capture it but it's not on the screenshot, they look "normal". Restarting Steam or the system doesn't change it.

Playing on Linux Mint 17.3 64 bits

I have the same issue - was going to make a post this weekend about it.

@Lurlerr, did you try to enforce vsync or something?

I think it would be better to ask ai_enabled, as he is our tech guru here :)

V-Sync is enforced.
The same problem with VoidExpanse v1.6.5 (available in Betas on Steam). Crappy Unity :-(... We're seeking for a workaround.

I still can't play on Linux. I could play the beta, why not the released version ?


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