launch 1.0 / A30 review

Started by betocorp, March 22, 2021, 11:13:40 AM



Review so far in playing about those 3 days almost all time on with 40people team. Up to T3.
All went smooth, no disconnect, almost no slowdown, no big lag spike. I just noticed about 10 halts of 2-3s each in total so far.
Ultil T3 all things looks balanced, heals are easy like before, we dont need to worry so much about using teleport.
We got more rubber than usual, I always have found rubber all around the map, so 200people in server didnt make farming rubber harder. May spawn is a bit higher than ideal now.
About factions, as we have already talked, we miss a good way to quick manage people when we have 20+ people and need to put the most active ones in main faction. 6h cooldown is good after T3, but we need a way to quick change at the very early game when we dont know who will play and that 6 h is really needed to leveling faction.
I really liked the changes in canisters, I went from the usual 6h to set up oil to 2h.
The desert is really hard now, it is really difficult farming prag naked and you need to kill animals. So I am really happy making prag a valuable resource. Farming in 2, 3 people early game is easy but I think that is fine because now farming takes more time.
Swamp is a very interesting biome now. It is almost impossible to walk there without shooting at stuff. So is a good place to live and receive few visitors.
Big brain floater event is good to do because it gives keynite, but blue mushrooms is almost all useless. the only good thing that it does is LP from killing. Rhyno event I didnt make but I still think that is not worth wasting good ammo on those.


another good change, now is viable to use trash gen in small base like farms. Or just to dump trash.


T4 partial unlocked today.

We had HUGE issues with lithium (but I think that is ok), we just managed to make 3 dozens of solar panels so I write about it later.

We are having little issues with power, we are processing everything at base, using most gas and burner generator.

I really think that the boost in big bases was bad, before the only drawback in big bases was energy efficiency, but now is always good to always make huge bases, what big factions will have more resources to do. I think that a 3x3 should have 30-40% energy eff to be fair with its benefits and it may make pragmium reactor useful. So the efficiency of scalling should be like 7-8% for each added connected claim.


A quick update, tomorrow is the full unlock of T4 so the big things will start there.

I could manage to do a 100% self-sustainable huge big oil base, all due to the new gas generator+solar, but the main issue with that is the oil cracking, they finish in half time of the refinery. So they are a bit messy to manage.

I should suggest changing that. Can you double the input/output slots of that, to be in pair with refineries? So all gas gen / refineries / oil cracking will have about the same cycle time.


We got full T4 today.

All went smooth, weapons, ammo, meds, mechs done.
We lacked rubber. I think that was a lack of more people farming rubber than the lack on map. I went to farm and find the almost usual amunt.
I noticed (as always) bad behaviour in strategic resources, they come clustered all the same time range of few hours and after lots of time without anyone coming.
I really liked the water pump change, we can manage all water with a few of them, instead of several before.
I think that the prag/lith balance is broken with the removal of prag in implants and optical comps. Prag is now almost not at all useful, just for mech stuff and prag bombs, while lith is really precious, we have 2 dozens of lith farms and is not enough. This comes with resource, what is the strategical value of one resource when we can have a similar output in a farm next to the base? May a buff in the resources will help, like doubling slots/speed.
About keynite, they are really hard to get and is the only thing that I think is valuable now. Big brain floater, rhino event are usefull now and worth to PVP for. Can you add keynite to blue mushrooms events with the same ratio of the prag drop? It should make killing all blue mushrooms good instead now that are useless.


2 days ago I have finished my great wipe project, my oil fortress. There are some doors missing, but everything is working.
It is energy self-sustainable and feeds the main base with fuel, plastics, and yellow oil. The output is near 250 yellow oil and 250 gas per hour.


Thank you for your detailed feedback as always! Lurler will read everything soon.
QuoteThis comes with resource, what is the strategical value of one resource when we can have a similar output in a farm next to the base? May a buff in the resources will help, like doubling slots/speed.
If you build an advanced Li extractor or oil pump over a resource deposit, it will have x4 number of slots. As it extracts quickly (while consuming relatively little energy) and can fill so many slots it's very well worth the effort.