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Just saw this info from another post:

When you run the game from Steam, there is an option in the bottom right corner to create an account on right from the game...

So perhaps I will delete the AtomicTorch acct I had created, and then re-create it using the "Link account" button


So I'm taking my 1st steps into CryoFall modding... got VS2019, etc installed.  When I start up CryoFall Editor in my dev environment, it asks for an AtomicTorch acct so I tried to create one, but it does not like a hotmail address (which is what I use for Steam)... I tried anyway and never got the activation email.... so I go on to create an AtomicTorch acct using my gmail acct, logged in to the Editor and of course it says I don't own CryoFall (because I have it on Steam w/ my hotmail email).

How do I go about sorting this out? I now have 2 AtomicTorch accts, and a AtomicTorch Forums acct :(


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