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Bug reports / Re: No stations in multiplayer
« on: August 20, 2016, 04:41:00 am »
I have found a station, I must not have looked enough around :-) Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi again :-)

It happens every time, it stops there until I press enter (maybe other keys will make it continue as well). I have now installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04, the server app does the same here.

Here is the pastebin log:

The performance is very slow on the Raspberry PI 2 with only one client on both Xenial and Mate (I have failed to disable the GUI on Mate 16.04), but Raspbian with no GUI is very playable with two clients when they are at the same map. I have ordered an Orange Pi with 1.6GHz instead of the Raspberry Pi 2 with only 900MHz, I am excited to see if this makes the server run better with clients at different maps. I am using these small all-in-ones as electricity is very expensive here in Denmark. The poor performance on Xenial and Mate might be linked to the error with the script manager, but this is only guess work :-)

I can see there is an Expansions button in the main menu now, are there any cool expansions coming up?

EDIT: I looked at the log, it seems that the server app is waiting for a command at script manager step.

Hello :-) I have installed Xenial, Mono and VoidExpanse, but when launching the server app it stops at Initializing ScriptManager. It still sees connections when I launch VoidExpanse client app, but client never recieves server info.

EDIT: Right after typing stop + enter, it continued, wrote stopping server, and is new generating a new galaxy.

Bug reports / Re: No stations in multiplayer
« on: August 19, 2016, 01:24:53 pm »
I understand that you can't fix my generated galaxy with a patch :-) I will generate a new galaxy when I have checked the old one, as requested :-)

Bug reports / Re: No stations in multiplayer
« on: August 15, 2016, 09:38:40 am »
Game version: 1.7.0
Game mode: Multiplayer
Bug Location: On starmaps
Steps to Reproduce: We visited a few systems around start system, there was no stations on map.
Reproduction Rate: All the time
Bug Description: No stations and no objecte on maps.
Mods used: Victoria Co-pilot voice (Steam)
Logs: (From server)
Logs: (From client)

Bug reports / No stations in multiplayer
« on: August 15, 2016, 09:29:42 am »
I have created a new world after the latest update, but my friend and I have found no stations other than the starting station. Objectives are not shown on map, only on radar. The stations might be there but just not on the maps, don't know. One system had no planets either, again, they might just be missing from the map. I will update this thread later with logs.

Ideas and suggestions / Multi core server?
« on: August 07, 2016, 07:33:34 am »
I am running a VoidExpanse Mono Server on a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian without GUI. I will upgrade to a Raspberry Pi 3 to see if the extra MHz will make it playable with more players. It runs fine with one player but I reckon that it will be troublesome with more players in different star systems. Would it be super hard to add multicore support for the server? So that each core can handle different starsystems?

Help section / SOLVED: Raspbian, can't reload ship after server quit
« on: August 06, 2016, 05:25:49 am »
Hello :-) I have a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian OS which runs VoidExpanse Mono dedicated server just fine, until I quit the server. I can connect, play, save and quit, start again, until the server app has been restarted. I get an error "Ship not found". The handshake then fails and the game client stays at loading screen until I quit the game client. I think it might be something with root acces or something that is the problem. Can I set the server to save all its stuff in a directory in the home folder instead of the root folder? The save seems to be created alright in root folder though. I am not experienced in Linux :-P

EDIT 0: I use sudo su before starting the server.

EDIT 1: I use the --dedicated parameter and a root account.

EDIT 2: It happened again, it seems that it might be when I quit and save on the client and immediatly after stop the server. The Raspberry might not have enough time to complete client disconnect and then save world/universe.

Help section / Re: I can't access my dedicated server
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:15:04 am »
I just tried starting the dedicated server with my batch file instead of the dedicated server executeable and then I could connect through my WAN IP :-) My batch is like this: VoidExpanse.Server.exe --dedicated -load 0

Help section / Re: I can't access my dedicated server
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:06:30 am »
I posted the log. It seems as the connection attempt is when the game is retrieving information about the server and not an actual log-in attempt.

Help section / Re: I can't access my dedicated server
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:05:39 am »
10.7.15 11:00:20.0086 [IMP] World successfully saved to slot_0 (path "C:\Users\MegaPixel One\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse\Saves_Multiplayer\slot_0")
10.7.15 11:00:20.5476 [IMP] MasterServerClient: Received Command MasterReady (ID=47048)
10.7.15 11:00:20.5476 [IMP] MasterServerClient: MasterServer client ready to work
10.7.15 11:00:20.5486 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: UPnP is unavailable for port forwarding
10.7.15 11:00:50.1466 [IMP] Server performance stats:
10.7.15 11:01:19.8186 [IMP] Server performance stats:
10.7.15 11:01:20.0846 [IMP] TradeSystem: prices updated
10.7.15 11:01:49.5296 [IMP] Server performance stats:
10.7.15 11:02:08.5846 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: ++ Opened connection. Total connections: 1; 1
10.7.15 11:02:08.5976 [IMP] Connection established; 1
10.7.15 11:02:09.2916 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: -- Closed connection. Total connections: 0; 1
10.7.15 11:02:09.3136 [IMP]  left the game (disconnected).; 1
10.7.15 11:02:19.1996 [IMP] Server performance stats:
10.7.15 11:02:20.0596 [IMP] TradeSystem: prices updated
10.7.15 11:02:48.8176 [IMP] Server performance stats:
10.7.15 11:03:18.5176 [IMP] Server performance stats:
10.7.15 11:03:20.0736 [IMP] TradeSystem: prices updated
10.7.15 11:03:42.8136 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: ++ Opened connection. Total connections: 1; 2
10.7.15 11:03:42.8336 [IMP] Connection established; 2
10.7.15 11:03:43.4776 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: -- Closed connection. Total connections: 0; 2
10.7.15 11:03:43.4786 [IMP]  left the game (disconnected).; 2
10.7.15 11:03:48.2046 [IMP] Server performance stats:
10.7.15 11:04:17.8796 [IMP] Server performance stats:

Help section / Re: I can't access my dedicated server
« on: July 09, 2015, 01:12:39 am »
I cut out some not important stuff from the log or else I could not post. My friend can't connect from other IP address either :-(

Help section / Re: I can't access my dedicated server
« on: July 09, 2015, 01:11:41 am »
9.7.15 09:49:11.8686 [IMP] Log file opened. Time UTC offset is: 02:00:00
9.7.15 09:49:11.8696 [IMP] Console logging enabled
9.7.15 09:49:11.8736 [INF] VoidExpanse Game Server Runtime v1.4.8 (running on Windows)
AtomicTorch Studio (c) 2013-2015 |
All rights reserved.
9.7.15 09:49:11.8746 [IMP] The server is now launched as a non-dedicated server. All server data will be loaded and processed from the user Documents folder.
If you want to start the server in a dedicated mode, please run it with "--dedicated" command line argument.
9.7.15 09:49:11.8776 [IMP] Data folders locations:
   * Static data root path:  C:\
   * Dynamic data root path: C:\Users\MegaPixel One\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse
   * Settings file location: C:\Users\MegaPixel One\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse\SettingsServer.xml
9.7.15 09:49:11.8776 [INF] Enter additional arguments line
("new" for new world, "load <Number>" to load world #<Number>, "check" to check mods)
9.7.15 09:49:14.9996 [IMP] Operations timed using the system's high-resolution performance counter.
  Timer is accurate within 69 nanoseconds
  Timer frequency in ticks per second = 14318180
9.7.15 09:49:15.0206 [IMP] Current log severity: Important
9.7.15 09:49:15.0186 [IMP] Settings parsing error: unknown setting: networksetting_buffer_size
9.7.15 09:49:15.0186 [IMP] Settings parsing error: unknown setting: networksetting_max_data_packe t_size
9.7.15 09:49:15.0186 [IMP] The settings file loaded successfully
9.7.15 09:49:15.1406 [IMP] Command binding completed successfully. Total binded commands count: 281.
9.7.15 09:49:15.2176 [IMP] Server icon size: 1539 bytes. Hash: 1bdljnq1uydmjyhbosowvfnendptg 0wf/lgma3uqqtg=
9.7.15 09:49:15.2196 [IMP] Starting network server...
9.7.15 09:49:15.2436 [IMP] MasterServerClient: SocketClient: Socket-client trying to connect to: (UDP)
Connecting timeout: 5s | Connection timeout: 25s
9.7.15 09:49:15.3656 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: Socket-server listening on (UDP)
Connection timeout: 60s | Maximum network connections (with extra slots): 32
9.7.15 09:49:15.3656 [IMP] Network server params: compression is disabled
9.7.15 09:49:15.3696 [IMP] Core folder: "C:\Core"
Mods folder: "C:\Users\MegaPixel One\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse\Mods"
9.7.15 09:49:15.4236 [IMP] Active Mods list:
  * core - ClientServer v1.0.0 - Core Mod
9.7.15 09:49:15.4276 [IMP] Virtual file system init with core mod file path:
Mods file paths:
9.7.15 09:49:15.4466 [IMP] MasterServerClient: SocketClient: Socket-client connected to: (UDP)
9.7.15 09:49:15.4466 [IMP] MasterServerClient: Connection to Master Server established successfully
9.7.15 09:49:15.4596 [IMP] Virtual file system initialized successfully:
Core mod: core
Mods list:
   --no mods--
Total files count: 2558
9.7.15 09:49:15.5546 [IMP] Cache root path: C:\Users\MegaPixel One\AppData\Local\Temp\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse
9.7.15 09:49:15.5546 [IMP] Reloading XML data for XmlLanguagesProvider. Data validation is: disabled
9.7.15 09:49:15.5656 [IMP] Xml data loading result: success
Loaded objects types:
languagedefinitions: 2

9.7.15 09:49:15.5686 [IMP] Stopwatch Init virtual file system: 143.95ms
9.7.15 09:49:15.7066 [IMP] Current language: en_us
9.7.15 09:49:15.7586 [IMP] Stopwatch localize xmls: 51.36ms
9.7.15 09:49:15.7596 [IMP] Localization: total 93 XML files localized
9.7.15 09:49:15.7746 [IMP] Reloading XML data for XmlDataProvider. Data validation is: disabled
9.7.15 09:49:15.9546 [IMP] Stopwatch loading xmls: 170.83ms
9.7.15 09:49:15.9586 [IMP] Xml data loading result: success
Loaded objects types:
asteroids: 6
characters: 9
skills: 111
itemboosters: 15
itemconsumables: 8
itemdevices: 14
itemengines: 8
itemfueltanks: 6
itemgenerators: 7
itemgrapplers: 5
itemhulls: 35
itemstatics: 18
itemresources: 12
itemradars: 6
itemrcss: 6
itemshields: 12
itemweapons: 62
spacestations: 5
jumpgates: 1
trails: 14
spaceobjects: 9
topics: 72
npctypes: 75
crates: 3
visualeffects: 7
decorations: 4
itemlists: 23
factions: 6
playlists: 24
specialobjects: 5

9.7.15 09:49:16.0076 [IMP] Initializing ScriptManager
9.7.15 09:49:18.4336 [IMP] Stopwatch ScriptManager [parallel] Init AI scripts: 2423.39ms
9.7.15 09:49:18.4566 [IMP] data/scripts/global/calculateship.js: -- IMCache lib initialized
9.7.15 09:49:18.6906 [IMP] Stopwatch ScriptManager [parallel] load scripts global: 1683.79ms
9.7.15 09:49:18.8356 [IMP] Stopwatch ScriptManager [parallel] init Internal scripts: 401.98ms
9.7.15 09:49:19.4556 [IMP] Stopwatch ScriptManager [parallel] load scripts topics: 764.37ms
9.7.15 09:49:19.5036 [IMP] Stopwatch ScriptManager init (total): 3545.75ms
9.7.15 09:49:19.6156 [IMP] Stopwatch Devices & special objects scripts init (total): 112.09ms
9.7.15 09:49:19.6356 [IMP] Creating new world with params:
   seed = 883839358
   difficulty = 0
   galaxy_size = 127
   death_money_loss = 10
   inventory_loss = 1
   ship_loss = 0
   permadeath = 0
   exp_bonus = 0
9.7.15 09:49:19.6426 [IMP] Stopwatch Server re-init scripts (total): 0.39ms
9.7.15 09:49:19.6646 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: Creating galaxy with 74 systems. Seed is: 883839358
9.7.15 09:49:19.6676 [IMP] World building phase: Generating systems
9.7.15 09:49:19.7136 [IMP] World building phase: Generating links
9.7.15 09:49:19.7546 [IMP] World building phase: Generating factions
9.7.15 09:49:19.7746 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: Faction aliens must have num of stars 30
9.7.15 09:49:19.7746 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: Faction fanatics must have num of stars 3
9.7.15 09:49:19.7746 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: Faction freedom must have num of stars 4
9.7.15 09:49:19.7746 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: Faction order must have num of stars 4
9.7.15 09:49:19.7746 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: Faction pirates must have num of stars 2
9.7.15 09:49:19.7746 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: GenerateFactions: Try 0
9.7.15 09:49:19.8146 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: At the beginning all factions has their capitals:
9.7.15 09:49:19.8146 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: aliens capital is 54
9.7.15 09:49:19.8146 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: fanatics capital is 52
9.7.15 09:49:19.8146 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: freedom capital is 56
9.7.15 09:49:19.8146 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: order capital is 81
9.7.15 09:49:19.8146 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: pirates capital is 43
9.7.15 09:49:19.8206 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: GenerateFactions: Try 0 was successful
9.7.15 09:49:19.8356 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: Start opening blocked by alies systems
9.7.15 09:49:19.8366 [ERR] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: Set system Meraren faction to none
9.7.15 09:49:19.8376 [IMP] data/scripts/internal/generategalaxy.js: End opening blocked by alies systems
9.7.15 09:49:19.8376 [IMP] World building phase: Calculating levels
9.7.15 09:49:19.8656 [IMP] World building phase: Generating system objects
9.7.15 09:49:22.6056 [IMP] World building phase: Final preparations
9.7.15 09:49:22.6096 [IMP] Scope distance set to 33.00
9.7.15 09:49:22.7736 [IMP] New world created successfully
9.7.15 09:49:22.7776 [IMP] Stopwatch Server re-init scripts (total): 2.75ms
9.7.15 09:49:22.7786 [IMP] World initialized with 0 players, 74 star systems, 8444 asteroids, 1122 ships, 31 bases, 185 jumpgates, 7058 spaceObjects, 191 specialObjects, 263 containers, 74 stars, 224 planets.
Difficulty: Normal
9.7.15 09:49:22.7836 [IMP] Saving...
9.7.15 09:49:23.6546 [IMP] Saving: world snapshot ready. Writing it on the disk...
9.7.15 09:49:23.6576 [IMP] Server FPS set to 40
Ship params update fps is 7, so it called every 5 frame(s)
Network physics updates to clients fps is 20, so it called every 2 frame(s)
9.7.15 09:49:23.6906 [IMP] MasterServerClient: Received Command MasterSetupEncryption (ID=34023)
9.7.15 09:49:23.6936 [IMP] MasterServerClient: Sending Command MasterSetupEncryptionResult (ID=3)
9.7.15 09:49:24.2056 [IMP] World successfully saved to slot_0 (path "C:\Users\MegaPixel One\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse\Saves_Multiplayer\slot_0")
9.7.15 09:49:24.7276 [IMP] MasterServerClient: Received Command MasterReady (ID=34028)
9.7.15 09:49:24.7276 [IMP] MasterServerClient: MasterServer client ready to work
9.7.15 09:49:24.7286 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: UPnP is unavailable for port forwarding
9.7.15 09:49:54.3956 [IMP] Server performance stats:
9.7.15 09:50:01.0916 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: ++ Opened connection. Total connections: 1; 1
9.7.15 09:50:01.1086 [IMP] Connection established; 1
9.7.15 09:50:01.7466 [IMP] SocketServerUDP: -- Closed connection. Total connections: 0; 1
9.7.15 09:50:01.7536 [IMP]  left the game (disconnected).; 1
9.7.15 09:50:24.1086 [IMP] Server performance stats:

Help section / I can't access my dedicated server
« on: July 08, 2015, 09:49:08 am »
I tried setting up a dedicated server. I can access it locally but not through my WAN IP. I portforwarded, I tried setting my server as DMZ host in my router, I tried disabling all firewalls, nothing worked :-(

Ideas and suggestions / Re: MULTIPLAYER: Trading with other players.
« on: July 08, 2015, 09:41:38 am »
[Sarcasm on]
If i cannot exchange the rims on my car, which i bought because i really like it,
then i just don't drive my car anymore, because now i hate it.
[Sarcasm off]

Well, that car really gotta suck then if you can't change the rims which is a preeeeetty standard thing to do on a car...

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