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Started by Tchey, December 07, 2015, 04:04:17 AM



I'm not fan of the timer. I never like timers, in any games. I like to look at details, explore, try things... With a timer, i just want to rush and go the the end as quickly as possible, sure it's the goal of a timer, but it wastes content, in my opinion.

Also, i don't like timer linked to health. I'd prefer if i have maybe only 1 hit, upgradable to 2 hits maybe, and after i'm out of hits, then the timer starts and i can remove it with food.

So, i start with no timer, and i can be hit once.

If i don't have hit left, the timer starts, faster than the one we have now (10 seconds ?)

If i eat a fruit, the timer stops, and i have one hit again.

Later i can improve my hits, so i can take 2 hits before the timer starts.

With a dino i can take 3 hits. First hit removes the dino. Second hit remove one hit... Last hit starts the timer.

For boss, there is no food, so i must kill the boss without taking a hit, or within 10 seconds, so it's safer to bring a dino so i can take one hit "safely". Then you love your dino more.


To be honest we tried different approaches to this. Including no timer at all. And one hit death and many other things. But in the end we decided to go with this system as it is just most fun to play. I completely agree that it might not be fore everyone, but out of all options I think it gives the most drive and pure fun :)


What about options ?

- set timer : off, 25% slug, 50% slow, 100% normal, 150% faster, 200% crazy
- set life : 25%, 50% 100% 150 % 200%


Nope, it won't work. Since the food restores a certain amount of life we balance all levels according to that :)
But if we have a bit of extra time before the release we might add the difficulty settings that would do exactly that. Just slow down the timer a bit if you want to play in casual mode.



I give you some time, take it : ... ... ... ... ... ..
I hope it's helpfull.


I agree I'm not a huge fan of the timer either, I would have rather had lives but hey, I get why you went with this and I think a lot of people will enjoy it.
A casual mode is something that you will have to make, pre or post launch, whichever. I'm sure you have some post launch ideas and could just bundle this with it.