System map bug

Started by Rhywden, August 09, 2014, 01:04:50 AM


I like the game so far but stumbled across one annoying bug:

When I press "m" to bring up the system map while in flight, I get a maximally zoomed out version which cannot be zoomed in anymore. Which means that I can't really see the positions of pirates/enemies and have to guess which warpgate leads to where. This situation usually resets after a while but can also crop up again.
I haven't yet been able to figure out how to reproduce it.

Furthermore, one suggestion: I'd really love the ability to set a navigation marker, like: Right click on the system map and a, say, green indicator appears on the minimap, indicating where to go, just like it does now with the task system for stations. Would make finding my way around a given system much easier.

Otherwise: Heads up! Great game (though I'm really bad with spinal lasers  >:( )


Thank you for reporting the issue. We are working on several fixes right now and they should be ready by the mid of end of the coming week.

As for nav markers - it is one of the feature that is planned for next big release.


Just had this issue too - warped to a new zone and this happened.
Logs and screenshot are here:

As far as I am aware this started happening in 0.9.5 version.


I just ran across the Map bug as well and It seemed to happen if I opened the map while in a station, then from then on it was way zoomed out whether I was in the station or not.



For nav markers, please make it possible to set 2 nav points. For mining you need one for the asteroid and one for the station. I was going to implement soemthing like this already for last station used and last asteroid used.


Yup, we wanted to have 4 nav markers max for each system.
"Nav. Point Alpha", etc.
And on the radar they will show like arrows with a letter next to them.


Sounds good, or you could colour co-ordinate the markers, e.g. Blue, red, green & purple, leaving yellow for objective markers.


System map fixed in v0.9.8.