dlc for Cryofall

Started by redsteelsquirrel, June 16, 2023, 07:54:58 AM


Hello, esteemed development team! Is there any information about the new projects you're currently working on? And another question, will there be dlc for Cryofall???


The development of CryoFall is completed and we are currently supporting it (official servers will continue operation, we will continue to release patches and security fixes). CryoFall was in active development since 2015, with the public Alpha version available in 2018, Early Access release in April 2019, v1.0 release in April 2021, and several major post-release updates with the last one released in February 2022.
We're not considering creating any DLCs for it (besides it was never the plan as any DLC will fracture the online player base). We're looking forward for returning to work on CryoFall (a new game, CryoFall 2 or perhaps a spin-off) whenever we will have a chance and budget to create an even greater game.
Recently our publisher announced our joint project that we're working for over a year now: Surviving Deponia https://store.steampowered.com/app/2464520/Surviving_Deponia/ It's a single-player game set on Deponia planet. The game is made on the same in-house engine from CryoFall but with great emphasis on the storyline, characters, and a lot of trash humor.