server console commands for teleport

Started by tinkan, September 02, 2023, 12:31:33 PM


I was wondering if someone can help me.
I've tried /tp  and /player.teleport + the copied coordinates from the map, + player name. I always get an error, saying something about the incorrect format. I've followed the instrucions here , it's a local offline game, so I am in the operator list as well.

Can anyone help? I am trying to teleport to a location on the map (using the right click, copy coordinates)


Hmm, please try simple:

/tp 100 100

and see whether it works.
If not, please let us know the error message.



oh thank you so much!
For some reason, my head did not think to put coordinates x spacey.
I came across this: which made me think that I should be going on the map, right clicking to copy coordinates and putting that directly after /tp .

e.g. /tp F5-1078,990   
then I tried /tp 1078,990 etc. But not without the space.

Thank you so much for looking into my post and replying.


I'm glad it works. The wiki page is helpful if you want to know more commands and usage examples.
Enjoy the game!


Many thanks! I am exploring (and enjoying) the game!  :)