Author Topic: Overriding a whole folder of scripts in Cryofall?  (Read 987 times)


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Overriding a whole folder of scripts in Cryofall?
« on: March 02, 2019, 04:19:43 pm »
Let's say I want to override a full folder of Cryofall, to get rid of all the scripts inside of it for testing purpose.

In Void Expanse, I had to manually "comment out" each scripts that I didn't want or remove all "function calls" towards those scripts and put those scripts in the MOD folder of Void Expanse. As for XML Files, I would have to make them unavailable in the shops etc..

Removing the scripts for the core.cpk in the Steam folder wasn't the way to go in Void Expanse so I presume I cannot do this either in Cryofall? So Let's say I want to remove all Mobs to start off. I want to remove all items, all tech trees, all world objects, all weapons, all skills, all quests etc... I want to know how the server loads Cryofall first and foremost and how the world is created, not how the objects are created. I want to know where and when the world starts if thats a better explanation. If anyone knows already, it would be much appreciated to have an explanation and I am more than willing to write down in my scripts that explanations are coming from other modders for the credit of how I was able to get there myself.

I have decided to go in another path for modding Cryofall. At first I wanted to build an infinite weapons/items and Zombie/Skeleton Mod but now I want to go a different way.

Any help is appreciated.




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Re: Overriding a whole folder of scripts in Cryofall?
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2019, 07:56:00 am »

Unfortunately, it's not yet possible to completely override a single folder by a mod to ensure it will be not included in the scripts compilation.

Unfortunately, even if it was supported, it's not that simple. UI is tightly coupled with scripts - there are many (many!) parts of UI code (from Core.cpk/UI folder) which requires several C# classes and interfaces which are spread all through the Core.cpk/Scripts subfolders.

Our primary idea is to split Core.cpk on MicroCore.cpk (which includes some really necessary stuff like login menu to account or base classes and UI controls) and CryoFall.mpk (which includes CryoFall related code, assets and UI). This way it will be possible to make total conversions of the game and distribute them as mods.

Alas, it's not going to happen at least in the next 6 months as we have more important tasks to finish (including Steam release and several large content updates which are already being planned).