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Korean chat problem


Hello  :)
thank you for releasing the great game.
but, korean chatting is not supported
chatting is only in english.
as a result, korean users feeling uncomfortable.

Im not good at english,
please understanding me.


Thank you for reporting the issue.
Indeed, I've checked and the chat is using the font provided by the current UI language setting.
If you've chosen Korean, the chat will display Korean chars properly.

Please let me know if the issue is that you cannot enter or input the Korean text to send the message. In that case, we will investigate what could be done to fix this.


sure, in game lobby I chose Korean.
However, I can't input Korean text in the chat.
Not only me, also other Korean users have the same problem too..

*for now,(Hangul=korean) text input is possible in only one abnormal way
Enter Korean in Windows Notepad or Notepad++ ,etc edit tools..
Only by ctrl+C and V

Thank you for the quick response!
We will investigate and contact the UI library developers in order to provide this feature.



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