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Before of all, sorry for my bad English, is not my language.
My problem is this: I opened my steam with my username in my boyfriends pc, download the game, and showed him how to play. Hours later he purchased the game, also in steam. He was in his steam user, but when he opens the game, it was with my user (in steam, as i said, he has his own user, but in the game, never ask if he wants to change user or something)
So now we cannot play together and he couldn't play with his own game yet...
How can we change the user? like the one that appears down on the right of the screen when the game starts...

If someone can help us, I will be grateful


Good day.

It is a known issue and we have already implemented the fix, but the patch hasn't been released yet. It will be available in around one week time.

For now there's an easy way to fix it. Just go into "My Documents" and then "AtomicTorchStudio" folder and delete "CryoFall" folder there.

If you have any other questions - please feel free to let me know.

Thanks! I tried to download steam and the game in a new pc to associate the steam account with the atomic torch account and it works, for now, the only thing that he had to do is download the game from the page instead of steam and it works :)

Thanks !!!

I had the same issue, but my name is on both accounts. I deleted the cryofall folder but my name still appears on both accounts. Is there another fix for this? we have 2 different comps and steam accounts and 2 copies of the game. Also, I tried reinstalling both steam and cryofall, but that doesn't work. When I'm in a server and she tries to log in, it kicks me out and vice versa.

@Keken, hello!
1. please ensure you have deleted "Documents/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall" folder on every PC.
2. please ensure you're logged in with different Steam accounts on every PC.
If you still have the issue, please send me a private message or chat in Discord (@ai_enabled
#2198). We will investigate and resolve it quickly.



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