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help ! somebody build many indicator near my home


I am in server “Official China 3 PVE"
somebody build many indicator near my home
it made me can't walk
it's at F4-1195,696  very very many

we will check what's going on.
Please note that your base cannot be surrounded from all sides as the game has restriction against this. But players may build as many signs as they wish in their land claim areas which may have effect on the rendering performance.


The land claim at F4-1195,696 belongs to the player with the nickname Yrrehs. Please contact this player and reference the current topic to let him/her know that it's not an appropriate way of using the signs. The malicious intent of placing these signs is clear as they're causing heavy performance issues due to a massive amount of text, and all these signs serve no other purpose than this as they all have extremely long and tiny text that is not useful in any way.
This player is officially warned by us and requested to stop such behavior immediately.


thank you manager! for remove them

this player seems give up the game


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