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Help section / Cryofall on linux
« on: November 23, 2020, 09:24:30 am »
What I have at the moment:
- the steam version works great, after all the manipulations with protontricks from protondb
- And to run a non-steam version of the game, I use portProton. It has some flaws with the wintricks to download the necessary .NET. And I don't know how to connect the protontricks with this port, so I solved the problem like this: I just moved C:\windows from the proton folder in Steam, where everything works, to portProton. Excellent! Now the game starts before the login form.
It simply does not accept the login, whatever it is, correct or incorrect. Writes: SteamError.

From log:
Code: [Select]
23.11.20 03:28:13.563 [IMP] MasterServerClient: Sending Command Login_3 (ID=0)
23.11.20 03:28:13.714 [IMP] MasterServerClient: Received Command LoginResult_4 (ID=39353)
23.11.20 03:28:13.725 [WRN] GameClient: Master: Master login failed: SyntaxIncorrect
I think the problem is steam_api64.dll or Steamworks.NET.dll The system either lacks some component, or something superfluous.
Distr: Mint 20. I'm not a very experienced Linux user yet, if you need to provide some more information, then I will send. Or maybe someone went this way?)

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