Author Topic: "CryoFall - Supporter Pack is not installed correctly. Try to check and repair"  (Read 656 times)


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I have the game for your launcher and also in my Steam account, however since the supporter pack appeared in the launcher I have been unable to play.
I have tried reinstalling the supporter pack, verifying the files, nothing seems to work.

I do not know if the two accounts are actually linked or not, but the game does appear in both my Steam library and in the Atomic Launcher, and the Atomic Lauincher wont allow me to install the Supporter Pack, it just stays on 0% endlessly and I have to fully close down the launcher to attempt again, it also does not allow for a puirchase of it as I already own it.


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Thanks for reporting! It seems a Game Launcher fix is necessary.
However, I cannot reproduce the issue here even though I also have Supporter Pack linked from Steam to my account.
Could you share two screenshots of the Launcher's error and how the Supporter Pack appears in your library in the Launcher app? You can post here by uploading a screenshot to an image sharing service or attach to an email to