Author Topic: [Server][Map] Duality, A New Cryofall Map  (Read 14193 times)


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Re: [Server][Map] Duality, A New Cryofall Map
« Reply #30 on: March 18, 2022, 01:33:36 pm »

Update: Version 1.2.0 (R33)
Change log:

Map name changed to "Duality".  More fitting for the appearance of Yin-Yang, and to honor the duo nature of Cryosmall.
Map boundaries increased 1000x800 > 1000x1000.
Added arctic biome!
Added VERY LARGE rad city to arctic biome!  This manmade construct is the largest yet, spanning 6x the area of the preexisting rad exhibits.  Warm clothing is required here as well as radiation protection.  You will have to balance your equipment to be successful.  There is plenty of cover and loot, encouraging this point of interest as a PvP zone.
Decreased the spawn buffer for brood nests so that a viable amount is permitted to spawn (arctic zone is much smaller than on official map).
Moved blue herbs from boreal biome to arctic biome.  They are attracted to low altitude, high moisture, low disturbance.
Added mineable boulders and gatherable stone piles to arctic beach zone.
By popular demand, added Copper mines to arctic biome mountains.
Lowered the amount of crate loot by ~33% and redistributed it to the arctic rad city.  The total amount of crate loot on the map should be similar, but less of it is "easy access".
Updated appearances for NE+SW residential "neighborhood" style rad towns.
Minor styling updates.


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Re: [Server][Map] Duality, A New Cryofall Map
« Reply #31 on: March 21, 2022, 11:55:46 pm »
Really nice :)