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Queen and Sand Tyrant event balance



I know this was talked about before, still, after a early start on new servers, wanted to suggest there is a clear need for a balance on this, queen and sand tyrant, in my opinion. I think these were clearly designed for 3 to 5 players, so now with sometimes, over 10 players, gets very crowded and provides little to no challenge, only getting a line of sight to shoot at enemies is a "challenge" :P . I would like to pickup on someone else suggestions, making event spawn simultaneous on multiple areas, depending on number of players online or just all three spawns same time, alternative divided into shorter timers, in place of a "boss" event coming up every six to twelve hours, maybe have shorter timer like event once every one or two for example. I know then balance for loot and score would be needed so my idea would be, if it is possible, a character "debuff" to block getting loot and score, after killing each "boss", from events for the full six to twelve hours it now takes for event to come up, so players could, if wanted, help others but not stock on loot or points, this would likely divide players joining each event and hopefully this would allow event to happen more often and be more challenging, with factions helping each other and such if needed, less urgency on getting to event, that causes long wait times at the moment, anyone coming online late or just being lazy and not getting to event before pre event timer runs out,



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