[Client] Automaton Mod

Started by Djekke, September 29, 2018, 03:10:27 PM


I love this mod, huge qol improvement. :)

Some ideas for additional features:

  • Watering plants if it detects that water status is e.g. <50 minutes
  • Different presets for gathering options (cycle via hotkey) instead of just on/off
  • Moving additional empty bottles to the hotbar from the inventory when filling them up
  • Select food to eat in order to keep specific buffs up


Hello, I need automatic watering


Mod is updated and ready for A25. Enjoy!

Regarding new features:

  • I'm working on AutoWatering for plants for a long time already, but it's not that simple there and I don't like my current solution, so it will be delayed for another release
  • Different presets - I'm not sure that it really needed, can you write some examples
  • About moving empty bottles while filling - it's possible to do that, but don't be that lazy :D
  • About food and buffs - No. It's not an easy task and I don't like that road. (What next? Auto-medicine use? Auto-fire? meh...)



FIY: it works fine with A27 Update.


New release: 0.3.5 (25.07.2020)

Add update checker via rss.
Refactor addition of features.

Now you don't need to override any original mod files to add a new feature via an addon!   8)


Hey, when will you update to make it applicable to the A29 update?


Hello, will that mod be updated to a28?
because it's not working now


@wilk85, do you mean A29? This mod is compatible with A28 but not with the A29 experimental version (yet; we've just provided A29 Editor to help port mods to A29).
Please note that all client mods are disabled for certain PvP servers (including all the official PvP servers) to ensure a fair game for everyone.



New release: 0.3.6 (19.01.2021)

Fix A29 incompatibility.


I changed the update interval in settings, but no value seems to work, I get like infinite instant notifications when inventory is full, even with like 3 seconds interval...  I can't put back 0.5, my computer is using ',' (0,5).  It looks like I have 0s update interval whatever I put.

Edit: if you use French settings, type .5 instead of 0,5


New release: 0.4.0 (17.02.2021)

Add dynamic gathering of features.
Fix OptionTextBox value parsing.
Various small fixes.
Add AutoFishing feature.
Add AutoFishCleaner feature.
Add ToolPreservation feature.
Add DroneCommander feature.


OptionTextBox seems to work now  :)

- Add dynamic gathering of features. ?

Remove this line from ModsConfig.xml first if you have ite because Cryofall client will freeze and reset ModsConfig.xml


Quote from: Mars on February 17, 2021, 12:44:49 PM
- Add dynamic gathering of features. ?

There is no need to add features via bootstrappers now.
Mod will found any features that implements IProtoFeature interface and add them.

If there is any errors - let me know. :)


The problem I have right now is the last Automaton Fishing Expansion I fixed is switching rod when under the durability, so I had a couple rods on my hotbar and the feature is using all of them. 

You have AutomatonManager.AddFeature but you don't have a RemoveFeature.  So I would have to rename the Fishing feature I use or maybe you could update your ToolPreservation feature...  Add an option "Equip new item" under "Unequip below this level", so when the fishing rod is unequipped, you find a new one and equip it at the same slot.

EDIT: Actually the current AutoFishing proto is FeatureAutoFish and yours is FeatureAutoFishing, so I have both.  The problem is that your FeatureDroneCommander proto has the same name as the one from Feuerteufel, so anyone with it and updating Automaton will get a cleaned ModsConfig.xml