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I'm sure there are other people :)
I also hope that as we have more players for CryoFall - some of them might also check out our previous games, such as VoidExpanse. It also has quite a bit of depth and is a lot of fun to play :)

I hope that too! :)
I own CryoFall too but VE is a bit more my taste. Even if CF seems to become quiet well! :)

Why don't you reactivate at least maybe just one official server for VE @AtomicTorch @Lurler? That would be great and if you publicize that on Steam etc. maybe some "old" players will return and some new become interested cause of that re-activated online feature!? :) Would be reeeally great! :)

Hi there folks!

I'm german but speak English aswell.
As the topic says.... any active VE players here!? I can't be the only one left who plays this phantastic game in 2019!? xD

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