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[Client+Server] Boss Fight Mod
« on: October 11, 2019, 07:23:59 am »
Boss Fight Mod

Mod type: Client-Server mod.

Latest version: 0.0.1

Supported game version:

To install the mod please download it from here

Please follow this guide (by Djekke) how to install the mod
_____________________________ _____________________________ ___________________________


1. Fewer technologies
- no T4

- T3 is cut

- no lithium/oil/pragmium sources as they're not required anymore.

2. Boss - Alpha crab

(yeah, this guy below is IT!)
- it's dropping resources for crafting the top equipment (like armor plating and some stuff for SMG crafting)

3. More variety of the weapons

- SMG modifications
- weapons with silencer

4. Reasonably small map


5. Surprise stuff spawned in world
- set of a space marine

6. Points of interests: helicopters, excavators, bunkers

7. Unforgiving PvP
- musket is a dangerous weapon against even the top-equipped players
(though it requires further testing)

8. Equipment examples
(the weapons are quite different if you pay attention)
More images:
   1. Hunting for meat)

   2. WTF, is that an electrical tape on the gun?

   3. Blue guy - space marine

   4. Guy on the left has an SMG silencer mod, guy on the right has an SMG 12 cal mod

   5. Wild wild west

9. The total technology tree cost: 2430 LP
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