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Ban Hammer?

PvP in Neutral Zones | PvE in Faction Zones

Active Admin, Friendly Players

Find us on the top of the public list for latest info.

Hey I would like to start-off by introducing myself to the community. I am a huge supporter of Indie games, this really game stands out from the rest.

To be honest, why does this game lack the popularity it deserves?

This goes to the entire development team, it's just my opinion as a business person.

I was pretty skeptical but I bought the game because it was multi-player and I was very bored.

The trailer is brutal you do not highlight the best parts about the game in its current state. You are really bored by the time you get to see the class screen 33 seconds in. I think they're are many ways you could improve this presentation:
Customization First (Stats, Skills, Items, Ship Types)
Combat (Wide Array of Weapon Types & Some Large Battles)
Massive Multiplayer Servers
High Modifiable

Your website is very old-school, it does not give a good impression of your space shooter. Polished into a modern site I feel your sales would likely increase four-fold.

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to begin my total overhaul mod. I have mod mods for many other games but I've never been so passionate about it.

We need, more ores, more tools, more weapons, more ships, more bases, more missions! From what I can tell most of this can be achieved via mods.

Before I get started, can you run a modded server?

Edit: Indeed you can, two ships completed.

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