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Ideas and suggestions / Re: Fast Travel
« on: July 07, 2019, 08:40:32 pm »
We will have vehicles in the game eventually. We are also exploring other ideas to allow travel across the map, including teleportation.

personally, I'm not a big fan of teleports besides on such a small map you don't even need it. but I can see that in some cases you might need them to teleport from one base to another, but how u expect to justify teleport??? you cant make teleport out of crap and sticks on a workbench, can you? there must be some premise so that people won't be able to make teleports all over the place, maybe like i have already suggested you can make a difficult raid on alien base whereas loot you can get teleport sample, and only limited number. maybe only one or two ports. so people could have only one teleport from base 1 to base 2 and maybe to base 3 as well, not more than that,  it should be quite rare and guild only will be able to get it, cos i know how its all starts. first, they ask you for teleport then they ask you flying mount then they want to be a king of the world. life is to suffer and survival games are all about it. 
its a little map of why you crying? when i played solo i used to run from the very bottom of the jungle all the way up to the north to get coal and i felt like an adventure it was so fun i was preparing this trip for long, got ammo and guns food and water. why you guys can't just enjoy game why you keep crying for an easy life? i can't understand you

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Choppers
« on: July 06, 2019, 10:07:06 am »

Wheel = tube + tyre + rims (transport making station) =>

Rims= Steel + iron + mechanical components. (transport making station)

Tyre = Rubber + wire + Synthetic lamp oil + Ash + sulfur (transport making station) =>

Wire= Steel + Copper + sulfuric acid (In furnace) =>

Tube = rubber + Ash + Potassium nitrate (transport making station)

Body = steel + copper + iron (many) + electronic components + Lithium for welding.(transport making station)

Engine = Steel (many) + cast iron + charcoal or ash - it is used for melting (special station for making engines like furnace type- engine need a lot of time to produce and need lots of fuel) =>

Cast iron = Steel + Flux powder+ sulfur (furnace) - (Note* Some engine parts are made by aluminium or from cast iron)

Tank – same like canister made from iron and copper but a bit more (transport making station)

Carburetor – same like engine plus rubber  (transport making station)

However for more hardcore, we can do differently, carburetors are made alpax that alloys from aluminum and silicon. Aplax can be produced in the furnace but other new components can be used in other elements of the game. Like silicon can be used to produce electronics and solar panels and aluminum can be used to make rockets (fuel and body) and for the body of transport helicopters.

Headlight = glass+ iron + lamp (transport making station) =>

Lamp = glass + iron + electronic components (workbench)

Accumulator = same as a heavy-duty battery but with more numbers of components  (laboratory)

Machine oil can be made in a laboratory out of mineral oil and industrial chemicals of tier 2 we can call the additives plus sulfuric acid.

Next, transport elements are put together in the same transport producing station. It takes a lot of time and takes electricity. Wheels are produced only by using the best fuel (you cant use logs and branches)
With Buggy, it can be all the same thing as with a chopper. Goods transport choppers need more wheels more iron and boards to make a trailer.

Transport repair can be done with special mechanics instruments either in the same producing station or anywhere else. Materials for repairing depends on % of the damage.

Buggy will be slower then chopper. But how will we make players catch up with each other?? Do we really need to implement a faster type of transport? I think no.  Instead, we need to make more speeds of current transport. That means that you free to choose your speed and if its straight road then you can speed up, but if there is a turn then slow down. And if you won't then you crash at the tree and get injuries or will die.
Buggy produce at the same station and simply the same but with a bit more materials needed.

Mods / Re: Automaton Mod
« on: June 08, 2019, 05:04:30 pm »
Are you using steam version? Check this guide
Also you can look at last client log from Data/Logs folder and check which folders your game client are checking for mods and did game see any mods there (should be in the beginning of the log).
If after that you still would have troubles with mod installing - you can ask for help in official game discord in #mod section.

im not exactly sure what is proper path to logs you ve mentioned. anyway, i tried also a steam folder where all games are and there is a special folder for mods and i tried this one too with adding info to modconfig and problem still remains - its disappears.

Mods / Re: Automaton Mod
« on: June 08, 2019, 11:03:46 am »
doesnt work for me those changes i put in modconfig file are disappearing after i launch the game and f6 doest work at all. please help

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Choppers
« on: June 08, 2019, 03:01:57 am »

Small transport is actually what we're considering to implement first. Choppers is a good idea but proper networked physics (with inertia, acceleration, etc) to make it work and look great is a bit complicated and we're considering simpler ideas for now. Probably animal mounts or something similar :-). Anyway, the transport system is not coming with the next update as we're working on the electricity system (power grid).


I glad to hear that you guys relate to sort of DEVs who care for such small but important details. In my experience many games have their transport without inertia and acceleration, you can be on horse and twirls like propeller in many games and nobody cares cos the direction if your transport directly depends on your mouse position. Of course its good to think of those things you ve mentioned but maybe just make it simple way and it will work? advantage of this is that you can apply the new purpose of fuel.

Ideas and suggestions / Raids And Dungeons
« on: June 03, 2019, 04:58:34 pm »
This game has not enough PVE content. The meaning of MMO is to have a lot of PVE. I can be happy that I work my ass off to climb a TOP and from there spit on all newbies, but this cannot be the only pleasure of sandbox game. I want in this game be more raids, dungeons and bosses cos this will create a healthy PvP. Like fights for Bosses and so on. You can adjust it to your setting, like toxic war bunkers or abandoned underground cities, ancient caves, underground alien base, UFO source, abandoned Metro (subway), you name it. I want that all my games progress that I've achieved wouldn't crush on poor players. Maybe I'm not a bloodthirsty person, and I don't want to raid players, maybe I'm a fair, equitable guy who PK only whose who deserve it. Maybe I wanna only raid MOBs but kill players only when there is a reason for conflict but not cos game told me so.

What was the beauty of Albion and alike games? It was in the fact that if you don't wanna kill players you shouldn't. But for example, if they went greedy and stolen your boss then you crush all your rage on them. So my message is that we cant make PvP in the sake of PvP. It's dumb. Instead, we sort of has to create an environment in which PvP will be born naturally. There are of course bolt players without manners, toxic trolls and so on who kills for fun, but we can't force normal people killing others to avoid being bored. If you are mature and adequate you are not interested in unmotivated aggression, killing in the sake of killing, this is not a shooter, and if you wanna start killing someone you gotta get ready long before it happens so it a not instant piece of entertainment. I'm not a stupid teenager, and if you wanna kill people then go to session games and shooters, sandbox survival its more about household and economy and making alliances. But why to make an alliance if we don't have treeheaded dragon which cant be killed even with 10 people.  but one unfair loot distribution and that's it, peace is over, war starts, and this must be the reason for PvP in MMO and not cos i was told so by DEVs team.

That's why I think the creation of PVE servers isn't very smart. You divide things on black and white, it doesn't work. We cant put players in PvP oriented game in the situation where everything designed for war can only be used either on snakes and wolves or on other players, we are missing huge PvE content here, which not forcing players not to kill others but instead keep them busy while killing monsters and bosses. We need one server or region ones but without PvE or PvP and give more PVE content and let people decide what they want. PvP, in this case, will be an additional bonus. Not everyone wants to be a PK. In such a game I feel empathy and respect for the work of other people done to develop. We need epic dang and raids (not instanced one of course but common ones).

Another thing what players complain about is not enough craft. I think that this idea with total PVE can create more in-depth crafting system when for example the top ingredients for the top weapon you can find only in big bosses loot. This will create a risk vs reward concept when you have to risk your almost top gear in the sake of getting real top one.
Please don't make it 15 minutes boss respawn time and don't make it one entry for all time. Make it random entry so players must search the world to find a dungeon or raid and it won't become like everyday routine and a place where you always meet your enemy who came in the end and take everything while your ammo is finished. Also, dungeon entry time respawn must be random too, for example from 2 hours to two days (just an example)

Ideas and suggestions / Choppers
« on: June 03, 2019, 04:06:15 pm »
We have fuel but why we don't have transport. Like any other MMO have horses or similar, why we can't have transport in this game.
i suggest choppers cos chopper is like a horse (cars maybe not very appropriate cos usually they r 5 sits) or maybe make cars as well it's up to you
there are two types choppers - fast ones for travel and slow ones for transport goods. travel can have two people on board, transport only one. so if you wanna raid some base get one transport and 4/5 (8/10 people) travel ones.

cars. yes, there could be cars with 5 sits but must be more difficult to get and more fuel to use and not as fast.

one more thing. if you hit someone with car or chopper this person or animal don't die. it only hit with little HP or maybe even make like auto jumping away so that players won't use it as a weapon too much. (abuse) tho you can use guns while driving. so the basic idea doesn't let players just roll over others and save ammo.

if you shoot at the player on chopper the damage can be less of usual and chopper absorb some damage but if you killed him them you get damaged chopper as a loot.

cars tho can have full armor and you cant hit players but u hit car armor instead, so yes, we gotta have a bazooka))))
if car or chopper is about to explode you can escape by jumping off it at very last moment if u can otherwise you die.

so basically it gives u a tiny little advantage in battle? fast travel and transport goods.

people can use them if they need travel far for raids of remote bases of other players and transport their loot after success.

choppers must automatically don't stuck on trees or other items in the world so if you keep pressing forwards then chopper must find its way around unless its something big like a rock wall or building. but not trees or sand piles. (that's why choppers are better then cars cos choppers driving around trees make more sense than the same action performed by car)

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