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Title: Overloaded
Image: (not yet)
Author(s): 049er
Description: Adds more stuff
Mod version: 0.15
Game version: 0.7.9/0.7.10c
Game mode: Single Player

Features:                  2 engine PowerBoss MK3 and Neutron engine mk2
                               2 generator Antimatter and Dark energy generator mk2
                               1 fuel tank clusterd mk2
                               1 shield magnetic mk3
                               1 new ore quadrilite (some asteroid contain it)
                               1 new rcs thruster
                               1 new mining device
                               1 new Character
                               2 new skill ore reprocessing expert and Advanced mining operations Expert

Installation: Read the ReadMe


v0.15 : added 1 new character 2 new skills 1 new weapon 1 new generator
v0.14 : added 3 new items (rcs,mining device and new ore)
v0.13 : Removed unnecessary content(Thanks to DLirry) and new icon textures for 3 items
v0.12 : Added Autocannon ss x8 mk2 and fueltank clustered mk2
v0.1   : 1 new engine,generator,shield and weapon

Nice mod!
However, I have a couple of comments =)

Your mod contains folder "content" with exact copies of some of the actual game resources,
such as turret model, some textures, even sounds.

It's not needed for great items you added, so you probably shouldn't add them to mod's archive - it
doesn't cause bugs, but simply make MPK file bigger then it should be.

Thanks for your mod and your feedback!

Thanks DLirry

I'l be sure to change that and i was wondering if you maybe know to to create new ship modules and what software to use

If anyone has a good idea for an item please tell me

You could try adding some active devices with scripted actions. There are some already in the game, but you can create some new ones with different actions.


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